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Page1.0 My Month as a Student
Page 1,1 The Beginning Student
Page 1.2 The Student
Page 1.35 Living with Mistakes
Page 1.4 Lessons for a Good Start
Practical Test Standards
Page 2.1 Performance Test Standards
Page 2.2 PTS Engine and Airframe Paperwork 
Page 2.25 PTS Engine and Airframe Technicalities
Page 2.3 PTS Basic NEED to KNOW  Material
Page 2.4 PTS Airport and Ground Reference Patterns
Page 2.5 PTS Slow flight and Stalls
Page 2.6 PTS Spin Awareness
Page 2.7 PTS Navigation
Page 2.8 PTS Airspace
Page 2.9 PTS Emergencies and Night
Page 2.91  PTS Hood Flying
Page 2.92 PTS Health Factors
Page 2.93 Age, Your Senses and Fatigue
Page 2.94 Health, Smoking and Stress
Page 2.95 Medical from Hell Opinions
Page 2.965 Medical from Hell Discussions
Page 2.97 Medicals from Hell - Cases 0 to 19
Page 2.98 Medicals from Hell - Cases 20 to 64
Page 2.99 Medicals from Hell - Cases 65 to 71

Basic Flight Operations
Page 3.11 Preflight and Checklists
Page 3.12 Trim and Holding the Yoke
Page 3.13 Flying Surfaces Controls and More
Page 3.14 Use of Flaps
Page 3.21 Pilot's Operating Handbook
Page 3.23 About Aircraft Speeds
Page 3.24 Turns are Complex
Page 3.25 Skids and Slips
Page 3.265 Stall Origins and Performance
Page 3.275 Spin Causes and Recovery
Page 3.28 Ground Reference
Special Flight Situations
Page 3.305 Hood Flying and Illusions
Page 3.31 Flying at Night
Page 3.32 SVFR and Scud Running
Standard Airport Procedures
Page 3.4  Takeoffs and Departures
Page 3.41 Planning Arrivals
Page 3.42 Avoiding Other Aircraft
Page 3.43 Charts, Airports and Procedures
Page 3.44 Uncontrolled Airports
All About Landings
Page 3.45 Flying Airport Patterns
Page 3.46 Flying Winds in the Pattern
Page 4.12 Types of Landings
Page 4.34 Thoughts on Landings
Page 4.56 More thoughts on landings
Page 4.70  Elements of a Landing
Page 4.71 Landing in Winds
Page 4.84 All about Go-arounds
Page 4.86 Understanding the Flare
Page 4.88 Airport Ground Procedures
Page 5.15  Requirements for Solo to Private Pilot
Radio skills 
Page 5.31 Bay Area ATC System
Page 5.315 Basic Airplane Radio Procedure
Page 5.32 Talking Airplane
Page 5.34 Radio procedures for CCR
Page 5.35 Radio Procedures CCR to local airports
Page 5.37  Special Radio Situations
Page 5.38  Radio makes SVFR possible

Page 5.41 Electronic Navigation

Page 5.42 RADAR
Getting weather and flying
Page 5.535 Weather and Wind
Page 5.536 Turbulence and Moisture
Page 5.537 Avoiding Icing and Thunderstorms
Page 5.538 Weather Flying Decisions
Page 5.539 Cold Weather Flying
Page 5.54  Mountain flying and Turbulence
Page 5.541 Weather Detection and Reporting
Page 5.542 METAR Weather
Page 5.543 Reading Terminal Area Forecasts
Page 5.544 Reading Weather Contractions
Page 5.545 NOTAM Contractions
Page 5.546 Inside Wx Charts and Notices
On Taking Trips
Page 5.550 Preparing a Cross-Country
Page 5.551 Student Cross Countries
Page 5.554 Flying the Cross-Country
Page 5.61 Cessna 150
Page 5.62 C-152
Page 5.63 C-172 Procedures
Page 5.64 C-172 Techniques
Page 5.65 C-182RG
Page 5.66 Piper
Page 5.67 Beech Skipper
Page 5.715 Carburetor Ice and Heat
Page 5.72 Engines and Systems
Page 5.73 The Electrical System
Page 5.74 Maintenance and Paperwork
On Your Own
Page 5.81 Staying Proficient and Current
Page 5.83 Rules of Thumb
You Against Everyone
Page 5.91 You, the FARs, FAA and the NTSB
Page 5.92 Safety's more than being lucky
Page 5.93 The Risks of Flying
Page 5.94 Risk Management for Pilots .
Page 5.942 Making Decisions
Page 5.951 Emergency Strategies.
Page 5.961 Kinds of Accidents .
Page 5.971 Emergencies and Simulations
Page 5.98 Handling Engine Failures
All the Help You Can Get
Page 6.21 Instructors Learn too
Page 6.22 Instructors Learn more too
Page 6.23 Instructors Learn much more too
Page 6.24 Instructional Opinions
Page 6.25 Problems and Advice
Page 6.26 Problems with Advice
Page 6.27 Problem and Advisory
Page 6.28 FAA Problem and Advisory 
Page 6.31 The People
Page 6.32 Sources of Information
Page 6.33 More Sources of Information
Page 6.34  Statistics of Flying
Page 6.36 Forms
History Extends your Memory
Page 6.37Learning from History
Page 6.38 Learning More from History
Q & A
Page 6.41 Questions and Answers
Page 6.42 Questions and Answers
Page 6.43 Questions and Answers
Page 6.44 Checkrides
Page 6.45 Checkrides
Page 6.46 Checkrides
Page 6.47 Checkrides
Page 6.48 Checkrides

Page 6.49 Talking Points

Page 6.51 One Hundred Quickie Lessons.
Page 6.52 Second Hundred Quickie Lessons.
Page 6.53 Fifteen 'Concerns' Articles .
Page 6.54 Ten Articles about Training  
Page 6.55 Fourteen  More Articles on Training .
Page 6.56 More Articles
Page 6.57 Still More Articles
Page 6.58 A Mix of Articles
Page 6.61 The End of VFR Material

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