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  • Online Courses from AOPA - The AOPA Air Safety Foundation's online courses qualify for the safety seminar portion of the FAA WINGS program. Also try the new minicourses!. Added: 2008-09-06, Hits: 909, more
  • Opus Aircraft - aircraft with exceptional all round visibility. - The Super2 gained full production and type certification under British Civil Airworthiness Requirements (BCAR's) inthe United Kingdom and Joint Airworthiness Requirements for Very Light Aircraft (JAR/VLA) . Added: 2008-09-06, Hits: 524, more
  • Ornithopter /rn-thptr/ - The full-scale ornithopter is an engine powered aircraft that carries one pilot. All of the thrust and nearly all of the lift is created by the mechanical flapping of the ornithopter's wings.. Added: 2008-09-06, Hits: 491, more
  • Out There....Flying! - Out There...Flying! produces high adventure videos about back country flying. Join me as we tour the western states and visit some of the most remote and rugged airstrips in the lower 48.. Added: 2008-09-06, Hits: 501, more
  • Over the Airwaves - This complimentary bi-weekly e-mailing is being sent to pilots and aviation enthusiasts around the world. Its aim is to promote flight safety, encourage students and new pilots, and to build enthusiasm for aviation in general.. Added: 2008-09-06, Hits: 495, more
  • Pacific Northwest Aero LLC - The Experimenter's Kit is designed for you to experiment on your own aircraft. You may choose to go through the flight test program of Vortex Generators to find the optimal placement of the VGs on your airplane. We instruct you through our manual and also. Added: 2008-09-06, Hits: 541, more
  • Palmflying - Welcome to PalmFLYING.com, your one-stop site for handheld (PDA) aviation solutions. This site provides reviews (screenshots) for aviation software and hardware for the pilot or aviation enthusiast.. Added: 2008-09-06, Hits: 498, more
  • PC Avionics - PCAvionicsTM was founded in January, 2002 by Todd Sprague, a pilot and software developer, to market and sell the MountainScopeTM moving-map software that he had started developing for his own use in 1999.. Added: 2008-09-06, Hits: 482, more
  • Peltor USA - Peltor, world leader in manufacturing high quality headsets, is owned by Aearo Company, formerly Cabot Safety Corporation.. Added: 2008-09-06, Hits: 495, more
  • Petersen Aviation - This website is designed to answer the most frequently asked questions about using automotive fuel in General Aviation airplanes.. Added: 2008-09-06, Hits: 503, more
  • Pilot Communications - US manufacturer of headsets, intercom, helmets etc.. Added: 2008-09-06, Hits: 495, more
  • Pilot/Controller Glossary (P/CG) - The P/CG is an addendum to the Aeronautical Information Manual, Order 7110.10, Flight Services, and Order 7110.65, Air Traffic Control.. Added: 2008-09-06, Hits: 510, more
  • Pilotfriend - World's most encyclopaedic and entertaining aviation website - hit "aviation history" on the left and read about "history of microlights" with thanks to BMAA.. Added: 2008-09-06, Hits: 482, more
  • PilotMall - Welcome to PilotMall.com Aviation Superstore. We are an e-commerce/retail pilot shop located at Stewart Int'l Airport in New Windsor, NY.. Added: 2008-09-06, Hits: 478, more
  • Pilotshop - Here you can buy anything you need.. Added: 2008-09-06, Hits: 503, more
  • Plane Math - Welcome to PlaneMath, a place to learn cool things about math and aeronautics!. Added: 2008-09-06, Hits: 550, more
  • Plane Perfection - North American Distributor For BRM Aircraft. - Canadian distributor for BRS parachutes.. Added: 2008-09-06, Hits: 494, more
  • Planesimulation.com - Flight Simulator Downloads, add ons, FSX, FS2004, FS2002, FS2000 and CFS mods, military jets, aircraft carriers, airliners, helicopters... Join Now!. Added: 2008-09-06, Hits: 534, more
  • Plans Delivery - Introducing the "e-plans" High Quality engineered drawings Ultra low cost Instant delivery. Why wait for your drawings if you can have them RIGHT NOW!. Added: 2008-09-06, Hits: 491, more
  • Poly Fiber Aircraft Coating - It's A Complete System - When you cover your airplane with Poly-Fiber, you get everything you need. All the tools and materials, all from your Poly-Fiber distributor.. Added: 2008-09-06, Hits: 495, more
  • PoorBoy Aviation Inc. - Goals of the PoorBoy design are quick construction technique, and low cost. The plans show how to build the PoorBoy and list a variety of model options you can choose from.. Added: 2008-09-06, Hits: 489, more
  • Powerfin Inc. - Powerfin Inc. offer the ultralight and small experimental pilot the safest, most efficient, highest quality carbon fiber composite propellers.. Added: 2008-09-06, Hits: 496, more
  • Powershutegear.com - PowerchuteGear.com is a service of Tower Marketing, a sign and vinyl graphics company, located in Washington State. As a former Marine Aviator Mike Lersbak, the owner, has begun flying PPCs since leaving the Marine Corps.. Added: 2008-09-06, Hits: 517, more
  • Precision Composite Inc. - The Company is your " one stop shop" for turning designs into reality by creating a highly finished prototype and mold to produce your "one of a kind" composite part! ...Or, as many as you like.. Added: 2008-09-06, Hits: 504, more
  • Prestige Aircraft Company - Prestige Aircraft Company LLC is the exclusive importer, licensed manufacturer, for aircraft designed by Storm Aircraft Srl. - The STORM RALLY SLSA is the latest state of the art in aircraft design.. Added: 2008-09-06, Hits: 557, more
  • Prince Aircraft Company - We manufacture two lines of propellers, each have its own price level and performace enhancements: Wood P-TIP Propeller and Carbon Fiber P-TIP Propeller. Added: 2008-09-06, Hits: 489, more
  • Procockpit - Aircraft flight safety information for pilots. Learn cockpit resource management and aviation safety concepts with interactive program. Training software for private, commercial, ATP, Instrument.. Added: 2008-09-06, Hits: 481, more
  • Propeller Tip Speed Calculator - Would you like to know how fast your propeller tips are traveling? Enter some different combinations of prop diameter and RPM setting below to find out.. Added: 2008-09-06, Hits: 564, more
  • PropLink - Variable Pitch System for Experimental Aircraft - With its all-mechanical variable pitch hub, PropLink, LP is giving builders a new and important variable pitch alternative.. Added: 2008-09-06, Hits: 556, more
  • PS Engineering - Two, four and six place intercoms, inflight entertainment and audio selector panels.. Added: 2008-09-06, Hits: 483, more
  • Pulsar Engine Monitor from Stern Technologies - The Pulsar combines monitoring for over 30 engine parameters into a single, reliable digital module. A crisp color display makes engine information fully visible in cockpit conditions ranging from direct sunlight to nighttime. Clear, logically presented i. Added: 2008-09-06, Hits: 506, more
  • Quicksilver Ultralight Owners - With all of this experience out there, this is the forum to share knowledge and get the information and advice you might be looking for.. Added: 2008-09-06, Hits: 534, more
  • RAD Electronics, Inc - Radical Audio Design was established in 2000 with the goal of being the first in it's field to bring a true noise-gating intercom system including headsets and helmets.. Added: 2008-09-06, Hits: 504, more
  • Rad-Cam Radial Engine - Rad-Cam builds an ultra low vibration, ultra low emission, fuel efficient, moderate RPM internal combustion 2 cycle gasoline engine that will radically change the following industries: ultra light aircraft, small motorcycles, personal watercraft, RV and s. Added: 2008-09-06, Hits: 549, more
  • Radio Interface Schematics - Might be a little bit of help for you.. Added: 2008-09-06, Hits: 490, more
  • RagWing Aeroplane Company - RagWing Fleet - RW1 Ultra-Piet "Pete" - RW2 Special I - RW4 Midwing Sport - RW5 Heath Replica RW6 RagWing Parasol - RW7 Duster - RW8 RagWing Pt2S - RW9 Motor Bipe - RW11 Rag-A-Bond - RW16 Aerial - RW19 Stork - RW20 Stork - side-by-side - RW22 Ti. Added: 2008-09-06, Hits: 525, more
  • Ramphos - Makes an amphibious Trike called the Sonic as well as some land-based Trikes.. Added: 2008-09-06, Hits: 495, more
  • Rand Robinson Engineering - Sporty, sleek designs, utilizing wood, foam and fiberglass composite constructions: KR-1, KR-2, KR-2S.. Added: 2008-09-06, Hits: 530, more
  • Rans Aircraft - RANS has evolved into a world leader in the ever growing recumbent bike and kit plane industries.. Added: 2008-09-06, Hits: 496, more
  • Rans Builder - The Rans Clan is a group of like minded people with a common interest in Rans airplanes. Our purpose is to give Rans fans a centralized place to learn, teach, motivate, and most of all have fun.. Added: 2008-09-06, Hits: 589, more
  • Rans Clan - The Rans Clan is a group of like minded people with a common interest in Rans airplanes. Our purpose is to give Rans fans a centralized place to learn, teach, motivate, and most of all have fun.. Added: 2008-09-06, Hits: 542, more
  • Rans Clan Forum - An online social networking place for Rans Aircraft builders, dreamers, and flyers. . Added: 2008-09-06, Hits: 535, more
  • RANSflyers - This group is dedicated to the building and flying of RANS aircraft. All RANS owners, (past, present or future) or those interested, are encouraged to participate.. Added: 2008-09-06, Hits: 535, more
  • Raptor Turbo Diesel - Raptor Turbo Diesel, LLC was formed to bring world class turbo diesel technology to general aviation. Our initial entry into the Light Sport Plane market, the Raptor 105, is intended to compete directly with the Rotax 912 ULS and Rotax 914. Using less fue. Added: 2008-09-06, Hits: 537, more
  • Raven Rotorcraft & Redrives Inc. - Our goal is to provide a cost-effective alternative to the popular Rotax line of small aircraft engines.. Added: 2008-09-06, Hits: 507, more
  • Real World Solutions, About rotary engines. - Real World Solutions Inc. was formed for the purpose of developing cost effective information and products for converting the Mazda rotary engine for aircraft use.. Added: 2008-09-06, Hits: 519, more
  • Recreational Power Engineering - U.S. distributor for Hirth Engines. Added: 2008-09-06, Hits: 585, more
  • ReFLIGHT - The world's first hands-free cockpit video, audio and flight data recording system. We offer complete flight recording solutions, as well as component sales.. Added: 2008-09-06, Hits: 500, more
  • Renegade Spirit - This website contains detail construction photos and information about the Murphy Renegade Spirit Biplane that Bob Donaghy is building.. Added: 2008-09-06, Hits: 489, more
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