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  • Revolution Rotary Engines Inc. - Our lightweight and powerful aviation engines are made from specialit aluminium alloy and range from 22 HP tol 300 HP. They can be used in homebuilt, ultralight or light sport aircraft. These engines can use Mogas. Added: 2008-09-06, Hits: 521, more
  • Rick Roberts' Zenith 701 - A Zenith building project from A to Z. Lots of oictures.. Added: 2008-09-06, Hits: 367, more
  • Rite Angle AOA System - We produce the flight proven and affordably priced (5.00) RiteAngle IIIb solid state electronic angle of attack system.. Added: 2008-09-06, Hits: 320, more
  • Rocky Mountain Instruments - Rocky Mountain Instrument is dedicated to providing high quality, high technology, reliable instruments at an affordable price.. Added: 2008-09-06, Hits: 323, more
  • Rocky Mountain Wings, LLC - Manufacturer of the Ridge Runner 1, 2 and 3, and soon the Ridge Runner 4, the Bushwhacker 3-axis aircrafts.. Added: 2008-09-06, Hits: 348, more
  • Rollison Light Sport Aircraft, Inc. - Distributor in the USA and Canada for the EUROFOX: quick-folding wings (1 person - 10 minutes!) easy 110 mph cruise with Rotax 912S engine over 200 manufactured since 1990 S-LSA approved. Added: 2008-09-06, Hits: 352, more
  • Ron's Sonex #94 Web Site - Just after graduating college, I found myself with a good job, good pay, new (and still tolerant) wife, no kids, and relatively free weekends.. Added: 2008-09-06, Hits: 383, more
  • RotaMax - The RotaMax Engine is the most efficient, reliable, and affordable Wankel-type engine on the market today. We are known for our expertise in rotary engine manufacturing technology, with our own tooling for castings and production manufacturing equipment.. Added: 2008-09-06, Hits: 331, more
  • Rotary Aircraft Engines - These engines are specifically manufactured for aviation. This is not an automobile engine conversion. They have dual spark plugs per each rotor, dual ignition, altitude compensating electronic engine management with fuel injection, and full in-flight eng. Added: 2008-09-06, Hits: 400, more
  • Rotax 508 dead - The 508 is based allot around the 503 it uses the same fan tower and what Ive heard the same pistons. The engine is taller though due to the overhead valve system. It is dry sump using the same oil bottle as the 912 It's power is around 42 hp.. Added: 2008-09-06, Hits: 378, more
  • Rotax at Kodiak Research - KODIAK RESEARCH Nassau Bahamas - Authorized Distributor of ROTAX ENGINES. Added: 2008-09-06, Hits: 373, more
  • Rotax Owners Association - ROTAX aircraft engine service information.. Added: 2008-09-06, Hits: 324, more
  • Runway Safety - "Runway incursions pose a significant but unnecessary risk for pilots and their passengers. This course will help you avoid common pitfalls as well as needless accidents and scares." Safe flying starts and ends on the ground. An interactive prog. Added: 2008-09-06, Hits: 556, more
  • S-Wing USA - S-Wing was designed by a Russian engineer and test pilot using a composite fuselage. Wings are covered with fabric but a composite wing is currently under development.. Added: 2008-09-06, Hits: 342, more
  • Safer Skies through Education - Improve upon the Nation's aviation accident rate by conveying safety principles and practices through training, outreach, and education; while establishing partnerships and encouraging the continual growth of a positive safety culture within the aviation . Added: 2008-09-06, Hits: 663, more
  • Sage Variometers - Sage Variometers is dedicated to manufacturing the highest quality handmade mechanical instruments in the world.. Added: 2008-09-06, Hits: 345, more
  • Savannah on Frappr - Savannah information on Frappr.. Added: 2008-09-06, Hits: 351, more
  • Scott's Trike Center - Scott's Trike Center will pre-adapted their trikes for their disabled customers needs.. Added: 2008-09-06, Hits: 331, more
  • Sea and Sky Aviation Link Page - Ron's Sea and Sky Aviation Page page is mostly for the Homebuilt Aviation enthusiast. Go searching - you will find a lot more than you can imagine.. Added: 2008-09-06, Hits: 364, more
  • Sea Eagle Float Systems - Floats Light Sport Aircraft, Inc. has developed an entirely new Sea Eagle series of polymeric amphibious aircraft float systems designed for both fixed wing and weight shift aircraft.. Added: 2008-09-06, Hits: 358, more
  • Seair Technologies Inc. - Seair Technologies Inc.'s first product is the Seair Flying Boat. It has been in production for over a year, and has been featured in television and magazines.. Added: 2008-09-06, Hits: 351, more
  • Sebring: U.S. Sport Aviation Expo 2009 - The Expo is the place to see, try, buy and sell Light Sport Aircraft, and is the event at which to establish new business relationships and learn about LSA and Sport Pilot Certificate and other LSA related certifications. - The event takes place January 2. Added: 2008-09-06, Hits: 342, more
  • See a Titan Tornado S being built - After selling my Challenger II, the search was on for the perfect next plane. The plane had to be able to fly out of my 845' runway, cruise over 100mph, meet the proposed Sport Pilot guidelines while still coming close to the existing UL trainer rules, an. Added: 2008-09-06, Hits: 366, more
  • See How It Flies - A new spin on the perceptions, procedures and principles of flight. By John S. Denker.. Added: 2008-09-06, Hits: 555, more
  • Sensenich Wood Propellers - They deliver wood and carbon fiber aircraft propellers for virtually all engines.. Added: 2008-09-06, Hits: 334, more
  • Sights and Sounds of Aviation - Lots of great movies from the early days of flight ready to download.. Added: 2008-09-06, Hits: 344, more
  • Sigtronics - American Made products for aviation communication since 1974: Intercoms, headsets and audio systems.. Added: 2008-09-06, Hits: 341, more
  • Six Chuter Inc. - Legend XT SSDC- Side-by-side Dual Control Trainer......Legend XL ELSA 90% Kit with Optional Dual Controls......Legend DE and SE Tandem Quick Build ELSA or ABLSA Kits......Legend SP103 ss True Part 103 Single Seat Ever Dreamed Of Flying? With no walls arou. Added: 2008-09-06, Hits: 356, more
  • Skyline Aviation - Our aircraft tugs are different - - for good reason. Innovative design makes them relatively inexpensive, easy to operate and universal. They fit almost any plane without need for hydraulics, special adaptors, or difficult adjustments. Added: 2008-09-06, Hits: 367, more
  • Skyranger Aircraft Company Inc. - The US agent for Skyranger - lot of fine information.. Added: 2008-09-06, Hits: 371, more
  • Skyranger by Aeros - A Ukrainian company offering the Skyranger and several other types of aircraft for import into the US.. Added: 2008-09-06, Hits: 319, more
  • Skyranger Owners - Welcome to Skyranger E-Group. An active resource group for Skyranger owners, builders and prospective Skyranger Buyers. Added: 2008-09-06, Hits: 381, more
  • Skyshop and Czech Aircraft Works - Skyshop Inc. - long tradition of builder assistance and ready-to-fly experimental kits. The largest importer of European Sport Planes from the very successful Czech Aircraft Works and other European manufacturers like the Mermaid amphibian, Dynamic WT-9 a. Added: 2008-09-06, Hits: 485, more
  • SkySports - GPS, instruments, radios and accessories for ultralights, kitplanes, homebuilts, hang gliders, paragliders, and general aviation.. Added: 2008-09-06, Hits: 396, more
  • SkySports, technical information. - SkySports offers such a large variety of instruments and so many pilots are new to the sport that we felt it was time for a little explanation. Lots of good stuff for newcomers as well as seasoned pilots.. Added: 2008-09-06, Hits: 386, more
  • SkyVector - Don't go flying with this website! - Purchase a real chart, and come back alive to visit us again.. Added: 2008-09-06, Hits: 344, more
  • SL30 and SL40 VHF/Comm from Garmin - SL30 VHF transceiver (identical to SL40) include a 200-channel VOR, glideslope, and localizer receivers. SL40 VHF/Comm offers you 8 watt output with a DC input from 10 to 40 volt sized 1.3"H x 6.25"W x 10.5"D and weight 2 lbs. Garmin also o. Added: 2008-09-06, Hits: 1066, more
  • Softcomm Headsets and Intercom - Softcomm Products is a Designer and Manufacturer of Headsets and Intercoms. We cover a wide variety of applications for the aviation community.. Added: 2008-09-06, Hits: 334, more
  • Sonerai II - The Sonerai II (original) is one of the most versatile two place homebuilt aircraft ever conceived. In its original form, the standard Sonerai II is a mid-wing, two place tandem aircraft, that is flown from the rear seat solo.. Added: 2008-09-06, Hits: 381, more
  • Sonex Builders - The Sonex, Waiex, and Xenos plans provide sufficient detail for constructing your aircraft. Some may find the helpful hints and images on the following web sites useful during the building process.. Added: 2008-09-06, Hits: 409, more
  • SP-200 from Sporty's Pilotship - SP-200 hand-held NAV/COM transceiver has unique features and pilot-friendly design. It is still the only hand-held radio to put communication, VOR navigation and localizer display in the palm of your hand. Now includes a handy Last Frequency button and 8.. Added: 2008-09-06, Hits: 348, more
  • SpageAge Control - Manufacturer of flight test and production probes that measure total pressure, static pressure, air temperature, and angle of attack.. Added: 2008-09-06, Hits: 362, more
  • Sparkplugs - how they work - Spark plugs are one of the most misunderstood components of an engine. Numerous questions have surfaced over the years, leaving many people confused.. Added: 2008-09-06, Hits: 378, more
  • Special Products Aviation - My hobbies is flying, hunting, fishing and ham radio, (KB5UIJ). I enjoy back country flying in my custom built 210 HP modified 7 AC Champ airplane, (see picture on my web page). I enjoy talking airplane modifications with others and sharing knowledge on n. Added: 2008-09-06, Hits: 344, more
  • Sport Aircraft Work - The US importer of the all metal Parrot, the Mermaid amphibian and the Sportcruiser.. Added: 2008-09-06, Hits: 338, more
  • Sport Pilot & Light-Sport Aircraft magazine - EAA Sport Pilot & Light-Sport Aircraft magazine is dedicated to those who fly, buy, build/assemble, maintain, and have fun with light-sport aircraft, sport pilot eligible aircraft, and ultralights. Added: 2008-09-06, Hits: 501, more
  • Sport Pilot News on EAA - Keep yourself updated on what happens,. Added: 2008-09-06, Hits: 549, more
  • Sport Plane llc - Specializing in Sales, Service and Aftermarket parts for Sport Aircraft.. Added: 2008-09-06, Hits: 333, more
  • Sport Planes.Com - A Rans Sports Plane service center - The fastest growing segment of general aviation today, SPORT PLANES. Represented here are leaders in innovation, design and performance. Experienced manufactures offering proven products you can rely on. Added: 2008-09-06, Hits: 329, more
  • Sportflight.com - This is the starting point for several interesting web sites including stories, enginestuff, photos and Kitfoxowners.. Added: 2008-09-06, Hits: 345, more
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