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  • AC 43.13-1b - Acceptable Methods, Techniques and Practices - Acceptable Methods, Techniques and Practices - Aircraft Inspection and Repair by the FAA. This is the aircraft builder's 'bible'. Get it and use it.. Added: 2008-09-05, Hits: 4890, more
  • Aero News - A daily aircraft / flying related news site.. Added: 2008-09-05, Hits: 1026, more
  • Air Shows - Offers pictures and Air Show schedules.. Added: 2008-09-06, Hits: 945, more
  • Air Source One - Air Source One sells aviation headsets, handheld GPS, aeronautical charts, handheld transceivers and other pilot-related items.. Added: 2008-09-06, Hits: 956, more
  • Aircraft Guide - Alphabetical Listing of Aircraft Manufacturers.. Added: 2008-09-06, Hits: 1004, more
  • Aircraft Spruce & Specialty Co - Aviation's largest parts supplier hands down. Get you a catalog and/or order from them online.. Added: 2008-09-06, Hits: 996, more
  • Aircraft Tool Supply - Aircraft Tool Supply is an online and mail order tool store.. Added: 2008-09-06, Hits: 1456, more
  • Airmen Knowledge Test Questions. - Direct from the FAA - Test your skills as a pilot, aviation mechanic or an instructor by using the FAA's test questions.. Added: 2008-09-06, Hits: 913, more
  • Airnav.com - Huge site with information on most if not all of the Country's airports, navaids, and facilities.. Added: 2008-09-06, Hits: 951, more
  • AirplaneMart.com - Aircraft classfieds.. Added: 2008-09-06, Hits: 1038, more
  • Airshowbuzz - Information about airshows with videos, photos, and show schedules.. Added: 2008-09-06, Hits: 924, more
  • Al Mulfords Videos - Offers several personal videos and pictures for the flying enthusiast.. Added: 2008-09-06, Hits: 939, more
  • AOPA - Aircraft Owners and Pilots Association is the voice of all pilots. If you are a pilot, your first task should be to join AOPA.. Added: 2008-09-06, Hits: 878, more
  • AOPA Air Safety Foundation - The AOPA Air Safety Foundation is a nonprofit, tax exempt organization promoting safety and pilot proficiency in general aviation through quality training, education, research, analysis, and the dissemination of information.. Added: 2008-09-06, Hits: 936, more
  • Articles by Hoftec - Aviation articles by Hoftec and Frank Hofmann.. Added: 2008-09-06, Hits: 915, more
  • Astronomy Picture Of the Day (APOD) - NASA pictures of the day since June 16th, 1995.. Added: 2008-09-06, Hits: 1229, more
  • Atlantic Flyer - The Atlantic Flyer newspaper publishes news and topics of interest to our aviation readers.. Added: 2008-09-06, Hits: 894, more
  • Aviation Book Company - Books, videos, CD's, DVD's, software, hardware, toys and pilot supplies.. Added: 2008-09-06, Hits: 883, more
  • Aviation Classifieds - Aircraft for sale.. Added: 2008-09-06, Hits: 1044, more
  • Aviation Converters and Calculators - List of aviation based calculators, conversion charts and converter programs available for use. Some of these are directly related to the aviation community and some are of indirect interest.. Added: 2008-09-06, Hits: 1085, more
  • Aviation pictures, lots of them - Biggest aviation interest site in the world! Over 300,000 photos online! Over 70,000 distinct visitors daily! .....but but no Ultralights!. Added: 2008-09-06, Hits: 906, more
  • Aviation Videos - Over 300 aviation-related videos. Some depict terrible accidents while others are just plain fun.. Added: 2008-09-06, Hits: 888, more
  • Avid Aircraft - An unofficial home of Avid owners: Magnum, Mark IV, Bandit and Catalina.. Added: 2008-09-06, Hits: 920, more
  • Avid Aviator Pilot Supplies Shop - Pilot supplies, avionics, flight simulators, aviation training software, pilot watches, sunglasses, transceivers, headsets, avionics, etc.. Added: 2008-09-06, Hits: 879, more
  • AvMap - AvMap is a leader in developing and manufacturing satellite navigation systems. Established in 1994. AvMap introduced a completely new concept to the aeronautical market: Electronic Knee-Pad (EKP) charting.. Added: 2008-09-06, Hits: 938, more
  • AVSHOP - Providing aviation supplies online since June, 1996.. Added: 2008-09-06, Hits: 860, more
  • AVWEB - The Internet's Aviation Magazine & News Service - One of the web's leading portals with tens of thousands of subscribers. Lots of aviation-related articles.. Added: 2008-09-06, Hits: 888, more
  • Barnstormers - If you had to buy a "For Sale" sign, then you didn't advertise on BARNSTORMERS. They offer Free classified ads for the aviation community.. Added: 2008-09-06, Hits: 979, more
  • Big Rocks & Long Props - Watch Greg Miller and friends as they take you into their unique world of extreme STOL flying - landing on snow, ice, water, and big rocks!. Added: 2008-09-06, Hits: 1452, more
  • Builder's Bookstore - Books about general skills, tools & hardware, sheet metal, composites, steel/welding, fabric, wood, installation, maintenance, alternatives, accessories, electrical systems, basic electronics, avionics & panel, paint & interiors, self design, . Added: 2008-09-06, Hits: 897, more
  • Ceconite Covering Systems - Ceconite is the name of a family of aircraft fabric covering products, all based upon a very special polyester fabric that has become a a major industry standard.. Added: 2008-09-06, Hits: 922, more
  • ChartGEEK - ChartGEEK sells charts for use with Google Earth.. Added: 2008-09-06, Hits: 989, more
  • Chief Aircraft - Aviation Art, transceivers, transponders, GPS, headsets, watches, instruments and a lot more.. Added: 2008-09-06, Hits: 997, more
  • Convert for Windows - Convert is a downloadable Windows program for unit conversions. It will convert the most popular units of distance, temperature, volume, time, speed, mass, power, density, pressure, energy and many others.. Added: 2008-09-06, Hits: 947, more
  • DaVinci Technologies Software - Makes computer-based engineering analysis software packages.. Added: 2008-09-06, Hits: 1368, more
  • Des Newman's OziExplorer - OziExplorer GPS Mapping Software will work with Magellan, Garmin, Lowrance, Eagle and MLR GPS receivers.. Added: 2008-09-06, Hits: 884, more
  • Ditching - Landing on Water - Many cases and much information about landing on water.. Added: 2008-09-06, Hits: 1202, more
  • Ditching Aircraft - The majority of aeroplanes are not designed for ditching! - However, having said that, the statistical chances of surviving a ditching are high. - Read more.. Added: 2008-09-06, Hits: 1368, more
  • Earthrounders, The - This site is a register of pilots who have flown around the world in light aircraft. It records the pilots and their aircraft in chronological order, and aims to inspire others who have similar flying dreams.. Added: 2008-09-06, Hits: 2083, more
  • Narco Avionics - Transceivers, Transponders, Emergency locator, Nav/Com Systems, Nav Systems and Altitude Encoders.. Added: 2008-09-06, Hits: 882, more
  • NASA Callback - NASA's monthly safety publications.. Added: 2008-09-06, Hits: 1079, more
  • NASA Cloud Charts & Pictures - Lots of great cloud posters and brochures and other materials can be requested.. Added: 2008-09-06, Hits: 934, more
  • National Weather Service, NOAA - Current weather conditions in Koebenhavn / Roskilde, EKRK Denmark. Added: 2008-09-06, Hits: 929, more
  • Navaid Devices, Inc - The Navaid Devices autopilot was designed specifically for homebuilders and is intended for use only in aircraft licensed in the experimental category. It relieves the pilot work load in VFR cross-country flying, but is not approved for IFR use.. Added: 2008-09-06, Hits: 922, more
  • Needley Engines - Needleye engine company manufactures a twin cylinder four cycle aircooled engine for light aircraft. The engine can be used in either tractor or pusher configurations. The engine is 100 cubic inches or 1660 cubic centimeters and produces from 50 to 75 hor. Added: 2008-09-06, Hits: 1072, more
  • New Mexico Trikes - Ultralight Trike Rides & Lessons - video clips and pictures.. Added: 2008-09-06, Hits: 1016, more
  • Nieuports.com - The official Graham Lee Nieuport replica website.. Added: 2008-09-06, Hits: 950, more
  • North Wing Design - At North Wing our main design criteria is to offer you a choice of wings that delivers easy handling, making them fun to fly. We produce trikes and wings for trikes.. Added: 2008-09-06, Hits: 1224, more
  • NTSB - The National Transportation Safety Board.. Added: 2008-09-06, Hits: 825, more
  • Online Courses from AOPA - The AOPA Air Safety Foundation's online courses qualify for the safety seminar portion of the FAA WINGS program. Also try the new minicourses!. Added: 2008-09-06, Hits: 956, more
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