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Mortgage Calc One
Mortgage Calc Two
Wood Board Feet Calculator
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The Truth About the Confederate Flag - #One
The Bill of NO Rights
TC Trusted Computer - how you get the shaft again and like it
Internet Speed Test

Other Cool Links:

For the best price on a printer, toner, or other consumable: Click Here
For a Nationwide prepurchase inspection of a vehicle: Click Here
For an online USA shipping estimate for a vehicle: Click Here Or Here
For overseas shipping of vehicles: Click Here
For Classic/Muscle/Specialty Car Insurance: Click Here
For instructions on how to have a title search done: Click Here
For driving directions from anywhere to anywhere, within the USA: Click Here
For sales literature on ALL types and years of vehicles: Click here
For other automotive literature for some vintage vehicles, tractors, and Motorcycles, including Owner's Manuals and Service Manuals: Click Here
For more recent Automotive Manuals: Click Here
For recall and Technical Service Bulletins on 1960's-2000 vehicles: Click Here
For Mopar Links: Click Here
For GM Links: Click Here
For Ford Links: Click Here
For AMC Links: Click Here
For Studebaker Links: Click Here
For NASCAR Links: Click Here
Hemmings Motor News is an excellent place to look for parts and complete vehicles. It is also an excellent place to get an idea of how much something MAY be worth.
The Kelly Bluebook is another place to find an approximate value of a auto.
Autoroad, a great link for old car values and other things.
New N.A.D.A.Guides - Another place to check and see what it might be worth, classic autos to boats & even motorcycles on this site! Just remember "Your item is ONLY worth what a buyer is willing to pay for it, supply and demand mean everything here."
Consumers Report The granddaddy of consumer info.
Edmunds has new and used car price guides, road tests and much more.
MSN Carpoint has a lot of info on new and used vehicles.
Original Parts Group Restoration parts for GM A bodies.
Year One GM and Chrysler restoration parts. Large list of links for other vehicles and info. here.
Kitcar.com An excellent place to start a search for kitcars or replicars.
US Gov NHTSA Lots of interesting info.
Auto and Parts for hard to locate auto parts.
New Freight Quote - Need a little help deciding how to ship a large item? Check here.
gotta-have-it has a neat site. Follow the build up of his projects, many neat links also.
hot-rod.net. From our friends downunder & Loaded with car oriented links.
hotrod.com. U.S. hotrod site.
New Car Talk Radio Show - find out where to catch the show on the radio in your area.


Try these other popular sites for such items as color laser printers, Okidata Printers, Xerox Printers, Novell Networks in North Carolina, and Auction Sales in Suffolk, Virginia:
Amateur Built Aircraft and Ultralight Flight Testing Handbook
AIM - Aeronautical Information Manual
Airplane Flying Handbook - A pilot training manual

Government Printing Office Access

Where to download FAA Regulations.

FAA Advisory Circulars Download

Where to download FAA Advisory Circulars.


Download the aircraft maintenance bible in one large and printable file (size ~17 Meg)

AC 43.13-1B.PDF

Download and Upload Aviation Manuals for FREE!

[ Mountain Flying ] [ Whitts Flying Pages ] [ Global Plane Search ]

[ Aircraft Links ] [ Weight and Balance Calc ] [ Need a DAR? ]

Why NOT Buy Lowrance

[ Other Aircraft Links

EAA Calendar of Events

Barnstormers - buy sell trade aircraft
Photo Albums
2009 Suffolk Fly-in, Suffolk, Virginia (Great Pics!)
2009 Sun-N-Fun Airshow
2004 Lumberton Fly-in


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[ The Truth About the Confederate Flag - #One ]
[ The Bill of NO Rights ] [ TC Trusted Computer - how you get the shaft again and like it ]
[ Wood Board Feet Calculator ] [ Concrete Calculator / Cement Calc ] [ Power Calculator Converter ]
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