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Aviation Safety Aviation Safety, the monthly journal of risk management and accident prevention, is packed with useful, timely information on basic and advanced technique, accident analysis and, most important, practical articles on how you can develop the judgment that will keep you in the air and out of the NTSB's files.
Aviation Safety Network Providing everyone with a (professional) interest in aviation with up-to-date, complete and reliable authoritative information on airliner accidents and safety issues.
Aviation Top 100 - Your aviation internet resource. Aviation Top 100, 8000+ indexed & searchable links, Buy & Sell Aircraft, N-number Search etc.
Aviation Videos Over the years we have accumulated over 300 fascinating and educational aviation-related videos. Some depict terrible accidents, while others are just plain cool.
Aviators' Model Code of Conduct (AMCC) SecureAv is the primary resource site for the Aviators' Model Code of Conduct (AMCC) and supporting materials. Its mission is to provide recommended voluntary practices to advance flight safety, airmanship, and the general aviation community.
Avid Aircraft An unofficial home of Avid owners: Magnum, Mark IV, Bandit and Catalina.
Avid Aviator Pilot Supplies Shop Pilot supplies, avionics, flight simulators, aviation training software, pilot watches, sunglasses, transceivers, headsets, avionics, etc.
Avio Delta Trikes and wings from Nickofly Avio Delta trikes featuring Meteor touring trikes with 582 Rotax engines and full pod for $15800 over 900 lb payload DULV German Certification. Also Cross Country Skyter trikes loaded with 912 Rotax for lowest 912 prices on the net.
Avionics on ThirtyThousandFeet Lots of links to manufacturers of avionics.
AvMap AvMap is a leader in developing and manufacturing satellite navigation systems. Established in 1994. AvMap introduced a completely new concept to the aeronautical market: Electronic Knee-Pad (EKP) charting.
AVSHOP Our mission is to give pilots worldwide a great shopping experience. We've been online with secure shopping technology longer than any other aviation retailer -- since June, 1996.
AVWEB - The Internet's Aviation Magazine & News Service Now Over 130,000 Subscribers - Lots of articles about Aeromedical Airmanship ATIS Aviation Law Avionics Careers Columns Homebuilts Insurance Maintenance New Aircraft Places to Fly Profiles Reviews Safety Skywritings The System Training Used Aircraft and much more.
B2 Engines Offers an engine based on the Suzuki G-13 engine called the B2 Engine.
Backcountry Aerosports Specializing in Air Creation, Aerotrike, Northwing, Cosmos, DTA & Airborne trikes, they offer sales, service, and instruction in Seattle, Spokane, & Cheney, WA.
Barnstormers Com If you had to buy a "For Sale" sign, then you didn't advertise on BARNSTORMERS.COM - Free classified ads for the aviation community.
BD-17 Nugget The BD-17 Nugget possesses exceptional flying qualities. Being small and lightweight, it utilizes the side stick control first adopted on the BD-5 and now incorporated on the F-16 and on some commercial airlines.
Bearhawk Group Bearhawk Forum offering a great deal of information on the Bearhawk aircraft.
Beaujon Ultralights HOW TO BUILD ULTRALIGHTS The most fact filled manual in its field. Written for the amateur who plans to design, build, and fly an ultralight. 230 detailed construction drawings, 64 charts & graphs, and 800 simplified calculations.
Big Rocks & Long Props! Welcome to Bent Prop Productions, home of the Big Rocks & Long Props video series. Join Greg Miller and friends as they take you into their unique world of extreme STOL flying - landing on snow, ice, water, and big rocks!
Bill Hammond's Kitfox Series 6 Project - N913KF My name is Bill Hammond. I am publishing this site to chronicle my progress as I attempt to build my own aircraft. The site will grow and the links expand along with the project. This site will serve as a record of construction and a forum to express my opinion.
Bing International LLC The only factory authorized franchise for Bing International for North America, South America and Australia. Checkout the Biplane Guide and One wing is never enough. Whether you are an experienced or novice builder, or thinking about 2-wings, Acro or cruising Low n Slow - sign-up and enjoy the website!
Black Max Brakes and AirWave Vortex Generators Manufacturers of the Black Max hydraulic brake systems and the AirWave Vortex Generators.
blue mountains avionics Light aircraft owners have longed for an affordable EFIS system. Blue Mountain Avionics' EFIS/Lite is that system.
Bob Comperini Bob Comperini's Ultralight and Sport Pilot huge website.
Bose Aviation Headset X An innovative aviation communication headset designed for the unique challenges pilots of all types of aircraft encounter.
Bourke Engine Com The Bourke Engine is a ported valve, two cylinder, 1 stroke cycle, horizontally opposed piston engine. Free Animation of how the Bourke Engine works!
Breezy Designed by Carl Unger the Breezy was first introduced in 1965, and hailed as one of the most distinctive and unusual homebuilt designs to ever attend an EAA Fly-in.
Brian Ranch Airport A private airport located forty miles north of Los Angeles in Southern California's high desert specializing in ultralights and light sport aircraft.
Bringing Back the Whooping Cranes The whooping crane ultralight-led migration was successfully completed on Dec. 3, 2001 when the young birds landed at Chassahowitzka National Wildlife Refuge in Florida (a distance of 1,250 miles)
Brolga Propellers High performance Ultra-Prop blades are available for larger, faster, higher horsepower ultralight aircraft. The "Brolga" blades are manufactured in Australia by Aerofibre Industries Pty, Ltd
BRS - Parachutes BRS Inc., manufactures and markets a unique and proprietary ballistic parachute system that lowers aircraft to the ground in the event of an in-air emergency.
Buckeye Dragonfly The world's safest and easiest way to fly!
Builder's Bookstore Homepage Books about general skills, tools & hardware, sheet metal, composites, steel/welding, fabric, wood, installation, maintenance, alternatives, accessories, electrical systems,basic electronics, avionics & panel, paint & interiors, self design, choosing a homebuilt, A&P training, starter packages, Van's RVs ultralight aircraft and a lot more.
Builders projects on Zenith Aircraft homepage. Following are some links to Zenith Aircraft builder web sites. Many of these sites provide excellent details and resources on building a Zenith Aircraft kit.
Building a Zenith CH-701 If you are building, or thinking of building a CH-701 either from a kit or scratch I think that I have something that may be of interest to you. During my build I have taken over 2000 pictures of every detail of the construction.
Building Challenger II N333JN In February 2000 I took delivery of a Challenger II kit. This is my first aircraft project; I'm publishing these pages in order to share with the community of Challenger owners and builders my experiences, mistakes, problems encountered and solutions found.
Bushwheels in Action Great movies from Alaska/USA
C.C.I. Vortex Generators After more than 15 years of uninterrupted production, CCI continues to be the world's leading provider of Vortex Generators
Callback at NASA NASA's Callback Reports - their monthly safety publications.
Canyonland Flyers Canyonland Flyers is a year around training center devoted to extensive ultralight trike training. We're located in beautiful Southwestern Utah better known as the color country.
Carlson Aircraft Inc. Designers of the award winning (1987 EAA Grand Champion) SPARROW Ultralight and the complete SPARROW series of single and two place light aircraft kits using mainly Rotax engines.
Carolina Ultralights and Sportplanes We are the USA Distributor & Importer for Xair! - We specialize in X-air and Flightstar ultralights and sport planes - one place and two place models that are great fun and very safe to fly
Carr Presition The original 1/2 VW developed in 1974
Catto Propellers Almost 1000 propellers have been made for applications from a 1hp electric motor up to a turbo charged 350hp IO-540
Ceconite and Randolph Covering Systems Ceconite is the name of a family of aircraft fabric covering products, all based upon a very special polyester fabric that has become a a major industry standard.
Cessna 162 on Wikipedia The Model 162 Skycatcher is a two-seat light-sport aircraft and the latest aircraft in the Cessna general aviation product line for the US LSA market
Cessna 162 Skycatcher The Cessna model 162 is an all-metal, single engine piston, high-wing monoplane with a two-person seating capacity including the pilot, equipped with an Contintal O-200 100HP engine for the UL LSA market.
CGS HAWK USA Well, just consider what the CGS Hawk has to offer you... Engineering - Testing - Maintenance Pilot Protection and Safety - Performance and Features - NASAD Approved Design. CGS Hawk uses Rotax or Hirth engines.
CH 701 Builder Installs Turbo Rotax 914 Here's an update on the engine change made in my STOL CH 701, with the Rotax 914 (101 hp) replacing the Rotax 582 (65 hp) and the associated performance. A portal for builders and pilots of the 601 series of low-winged aircraft designed by Chris Heintz A portal for builders and pilots of the STOL CH701 and CH801 aircraft designed by Chris Heintz.
CH-701 Group Zenith CH-701 Forum offering a great deal of information on the CH-701 aircraft.
CH-801 Group Zenith CH-801 Forum offering a great deal of information on the CH-801 aircraft.
Challenger Our Challengers are so popular, you can even fly them in Microsoft Flight Simulator 2000.
Challenger Building, Tips and Technique Fine Challenger site with many great articles and tips and techniques. - Use the site map to navigate.
Challenger Owners' and Builders' E-Mail List Web Site Welcome to the world's largest Challenger site and e-mail list! Lots of modification hints and building pictures.
ChartGEEK ChartGEEK charts provide information about your flight that you would not or could not know unless you had been there already! Designed to work in Google Earth, our charts provide amazing details and give you jaw-dropping improvements in your understanding of...what to expect, where to fly and when to go! For USA only for the time being.
Chief Aircraft Aviation Art, transceivers, transponders, GPS, headsets, watches, instruments and a lot more.
Chris Heintz Design College Aeronautical engineer Chris Heintz, the designer of Zenith Aircraft Company's line of kit aircraft, is one of the most qualified and knowledgeable light aircraft designers today
Cloud charts and pictures. Lots of great cloud posters and brochures and other materials can be requested.
Cluster Ballooning When I was a boy, my parents bought me a children's science book about the force of gravity. One chapter in the book was about ways that people have attempted to overcome force of gravity.
Cognitive Performance in Aviation Training and Operations We are studying the cognitive processes that underlie the performance of pilots, air traffic controllers, and other skilled professionals.
COLIBRI Badges The Colibri Diploma It is awarded each year to an individual who is considered to have made an outstanding contribution to the development of microlight [ultralight] flying by his/her action, work, achievements, initiative or devotion.
Composites, working with Do you plan to work with compositematerials, ou might find some good hint on this site.
Comtronics Engineering Your on-line source for airplane and ultralight accessories: HELMETS - HEADSETS (ANR) - INTERCOMS - PATCH CORDS - GOGGLES - ACCESSORIES
Contact Magazine Experimental Aircraft and Powerplant Newsforum for Designers and Builders.
Convert Convert is an easy to use unit conversion program that will convert the most popular units of distance, temperature, volume, time, speed, mass, power, density, pressure, energy and many others.
CORVAIR ENGINE Converted Corvair engines have been flying since 1960. In the past four decades, dozens of home builders have logged hundreds of hours behind them. Six cylinders, 100 HP are a bit too heavy for ultralights. But anyway, take a look. Zenair 601 and 701 and Sonex among others are flying with Corvair engines.
Corvair Engine In the Corvair automobile, the engine produced 180 horsepower in the turbo-charged form. All 1964-69 model engines utilize the same crankshaft, rods, pistons, cases, etc. By flat rating the engine for 90hp continuous, the engine is only stressed to 50% of its rating in the automobile.
CPS - California Power Systems, Inc The largest supplier of UL parts in California including Rotax engines. 55 technical articles about how to maintaine Rotax engines.
CreativeAir Creative new products for experimantal aircrafts.
CRM Developers Forum Here you will find a wide variety of resources to assist you in the development and use of Crew Resource Management and Human Factors courses and training materials for aviation and other applications.
Cruise Aircraft Lots of links til building projects. Hit the "News and Articles" icon and go to the bottom of that page.
Cubcrafters Cubcrafters proudly introduces the rebirth the airplane that inspired the new "Light Sport Aircraft" category (S-LSA).
Culverprops Valley Engineering, L.L.C and Culver Propellers specialize in giving you the very best in speed reduction units for the VW engine, and custom made propellers for your ultralight aircraft. Visit the great prop pitch calculator.
Cumulus The CUMULUS... an Ultralight/Microlight Motorglider Wing Span 13.1 m. Wing Area 12.7 sq. m. Empty Weight 164 kg.
Dan's RV Project I built a Van's RV-7, a two-place side-by-side experimental kit plane manufactured by Van's Aircraft. - A great site, take a look.
David Clarke Communications Systems and Hearing Protection for High Noise Environments - Aviation headsets, intercoms, helmets and accessories interfacing to all communications equipment.
DaVinci Technologies News and Media Coverage Our Mission: To make state-of-the-art computer-based engineering analysis tools accessible to users without engineering backgrounds through the development and marketing of user-friendly, affordable, graphically-oriented software packages.
Dawn Patrol What are we... Only a bunch of middle-aged men and their lovely wives having the time of their lives living the life of Walter Mitty in their little replica warbirds.
Dean's Blue Jay 7 Aircraft super calculator, ASI calibration calculator and a description of how to build a high performance antenna and a lot more interesting things.
DeltaHawk Engines Offer two stroke diesel engines in the 160 to 200 horsepower range.
Des Newman's OziExplorer OziExplorer GPS Mapping Software will work with Magellan, Garmin, Lowrance, Eagle and MLR GPS receivers
Desser Tire & Rubber Company Desser Tire & Rubber Company is one of the world's leading suppliers of aircraft tires and tubes. From our Los Angeles, California (Manufacturing & Distribution) and Memphis, Tennessee (Distribution) we provide over 100,000 aircraft tires and tubes annually in over 85 countries. We proudly feature Goodyear, Michelin, and Specialty (Mc Creary) as well as aircraft tires and tubes from Aero Classic, Bridgestone, and Dunlop.
Ditching - landing on water Many cases and much information about landing on water.
Ditching Aircraft The majority of aeroplanes are not designed for ditching! - However, having said that, the statistical chances of surviving a ditching are high. - Read more.
Ditching, landing on water Lots of casestories and information about landing on water.
Don's Zodiac 601 HDS Project This web page is dedicated to my experience building the Zodiac 601HDS from the Zenith Aircraft Company. It is designed to help others building and/or considering purchasing an experimental plane. For the amusement of others and to remind me just how long this project is taking.
Doug's Ultra-Piet, flying low'n slow The Ultra-Piet is a single seat ultralight replica of the popular Pietenpol Aircamper, a small homebuilt designed in 1929. An ultralight is a small craft, flying no more than 63 miles per hour and holding no more than 5 gallons of fuel.
Dynon Avionics Dynon is committed to providing reliable and quality instruments to pilots in a cost-sensitive market. Our premiere product, the EFIS-D10 series, integrates 10 instruments you need all in one solid-state device. Dynon also offers a Angle-of-Attack pitot probe seemlessly connects to the EFIS-D10.
EAA EAA is a membership organization of all aspects of aviation - well worth joining.
EAA Homebuilders Center Covers an expansive area of aviation from how to decide what you wants through building or buying it to flying the aircraft. Requires membership (highly recommended) to access this section of the website.
EAA's Listing of S-LSA Aircraft EAA's list of S-LSA aircraft and general information about this category of LSA's.
Eagle Aviation (LSA) Welcome to Eagle Aviation LLC, home of the EA-100 S-LSA, Eagle Sport Airplane: a highwinged sportsplane excelled by a Rotax 912 engine
Earthrounders, The This site is a register of pilots who have flown around the world in light aircraft. It records the pilots and their aircraft in chronological order, and aims to inspire others who have similar flying dreams.
Earthstar Aircraft The Thunder Gull 2000 and Odyssey models maintain the responsive and nimble control necessary for the demanding pilot. Available as a kit or ready to fly.
East Tennessee Ultralites Aan authorized dealer of Challenger aircraft located between Niota and Sweetwater, TN..
Eastern Avionics Intl Eastern Avionics is your complete avionics and electronics source with: avionics, instruments, transceivers, transponders, headsets, intercom and a lot more.
Eastern Avionics Int'l Avionics Guide Avionics Guide and Reviews; Categories, Products and Manufacturers... and a ot more.
Easy Eagle The Easy Eagle is not a lightweight aircraft powered by a snowmobile engine! The Easy Eagle is a good old fashined REAL airplane built like they use to be built. Using a steel tube fuselage, wood wing and covered in fabric. It is powered by a 4 cylinder, 4 cycle air-cooled direct drive VW engine. Single seat, bi-wing, tail-dragger.
Easy Flight Sport Pilot Is Here and Easy Flight Leads the Way For Powered Parachute Training!
Ed Williams Aviation Page A beginning on a (mathematical!) primer on navigation on an ellipsoidal earth is here. I'm planning on getting this finished sometime... and a lot lot more (math).
Educators Flight Plan We hope the resources will encourage you and your students to rediscover the challenges of flight; and to learn about the people, events, and technology that made flight possible.
Edward Sterpa Aircraft Propeller Sterba Propellers are homebuilt and made of Hard Maple, Northern Birch, and Cherry wood laminated in our shop using Plastic Resin Glue. Also many rules of thump and other information. The technology of electric motors and high capacity batteries has finally reached the level of development where pure electric flight is now possible. - The ElectraFlyer trike now makes this dream a reality! The technology of electric motors and high capacity batteries has finally reached the level of development where pure electric flight is now possible. The ElectraFlyer trike now makes this dream a reality!
electroair On a traditional dual magneto system, both magnetos are timed to fire at 25 degrees before Top Dead Center (TDC). When starting the engine, the ignition switch grounds the 'P' lead to the right magneto, stopping it from firing. Meanwhile, the left magneto with the impulse coupling can still fire. The impulse coupling causes the magneto to fire at TDC, and will continue to fire at TDC until the engine reaches about 200 RPM.
ELT Information Around the world...around the clock...NOAA proudly stands watch. As an integral part of worldwide search and rescue, NOAA operates the Search And Rescue Satellite Aided Tracking (SARSAT) System to detect and locate mariners, aviators, and recreational enthusiasts in distress almost anywhere in the world at anytime and in almost any condition.
Engine Directory Welcome to ERIC's HOMEBUILT AIRCRAFT ENGINE DIRECTORY. Many links to UL engine manufacturers and other interesting sites about engines. Worth visiting.
Engine Troubleshooting On Ultralight Place you will find a great link to a page to locate problems with your Rotax engine og Bing carburator.
Engines UL Forum This is a discussion group for all light aircraft engines to include but not limited to Rotax, Hirth, Cuyuna (2SI), HKS - Ask technical questions or discuss a new idea for powering an aircraft.
Equipped to Survive - Water or Trees? If you fly long enough and often enough, sooner or later you'll face the prospect of having to put an airplane on the deck in a hurry. If you're lucky, it'll be due to just a sick passenger or maybe a rough engine. But it could just as well be a full-up-oil-on-the-windshield forced landing.
ETLB Squawk Forums News This board is dedicated to all miniMax, Himax, and Airbike aircraft builders, pilots, or anyone just interested in these aircraft. I invite you to post whatever you feel will help other builders, pilots, have a safe and rewarding experience with their aircraft.
Eureka Ultralight Airplane We provide a fully manufactured ultralight, pre-painted (white) and ready to assemble. This aircraft is FAR-103 compliant and extremely affordable. All this for less than the price of most raw materials kits, about $8000 for the airframe and engine with a 20 hour assembly time.
Eurofox US disty The EuroFox is manufactured by the AEROPRO company in Europe and has been in production since 1990 with over 143 aircraft now having been produced. The EuroFox is a classic tube-and-fabric aircraft with modern features and constructed with the finest workmanship meeting the US LSA rules.
Excalibur See the differences between Challenger and Excalibur.
Experimental Aircraft Guide All information has been supplied to The Official Guide to Experimental Aircraft by the listed company (aircraft manufacturer).
Experimental Aircraft Org A web portal for those of us that love to fly! is a community of aircraft enthusiasts coming together to share stories, experience and good times.
Experimental Fuel Injection Fuel Injected Extreme Rotax 912. - Engine core specifications: All extreme 912 engines have new thrust bearings, journal bearings, rings and custom forged pistons. Engines are compression checked and leak down test are better than 10% on all cylinders.
Experimental Panel Builder This tool is for entertainment purposes only! Although we try to ensure the panel and instrument sizes are correct, we cannot, and do not, guarantee anything...
FAA Aviation News Safety first for general aviation. FAA Aviation News is published six times each year in the interest of aviation safety.
FAA Safety Team National Resource Center Throughout the year FAA Safety Teak National Resource Center hosts numerous seminars concerning many aspects of aviation. Feature topics include: Aerobatics, Helicoptors, SAR, Ultralights, Baloons, Experimental, Carrier, Corporate and Seaplane presentations.
Facetmobile The Facetmobile is a Low Aspect Ratio Lifting Body Experimental Homebuilt Airplane. It is stall-resistant, easy to construct, and voluminous.
Falcon Gauge Manufacturer of aircraft instruments for the homebuilt and experimental aircraft including compasses, airspeeds, altimeters, gyros, engine gauges, turn coordinators and pitot tubes
Fantasy Air USA The US distributor for Fantasy 2007 aircraft.
Farther & Daughter Wing Walking Team Bob Essell Airshows with Jenny Forsythe using a Quicksilver MXII Sprint.
First Flight Virtual Flight School. FirstFlight is a virtual flight school providing online flying lessons and information about private pilot training.
FirstLight Aviation Inc. First Light Aviation serves customers across the USA and Canada, as well as overseas markets. We offer excellent flex-wing trikes by Air Creation of France and Australia's AirBorne Windsports, high quality accessories and government approved flight training programs. We can take care of all your trike flying needs, from your first introductory lesson to thousand mile cross country trips.
FirstLight Aviation, Inc FirstLight Aviation serves the USA, Canada and overseas markets. We offer the excellent AirBorne Windsports line of flex wing trikes, high quality accessories and government approved flight training programs.
Fisher Flying Products Fisher Flying Products has reproduced the flying qualities of many classic airplanes in structurally sound and extremely affordable aircraft.
Fletchers Ultralights Located in Northern California, they are a full-service center on the west coast offering training for both 3-axis and trikes.
Flight Design CTSW Forum Forum for CTSW pilots.
Flight Design USA Flight Design USA is the US importer of the welknown German aircraft. The Flight Design CT is the performance leader in Light Sport Aircraft (LSA) due to its remarkable design and high-tech construction. CT stands for Composite-Technology and the name is correct.
Flight Level 350 Videos of all kind - some very good.
Flight Safety Foundation Flight Safety Foundation engaged in research, auditing, education, advocacy and publishing to improve aviation safety.
Flightability Time to get out of that wheelchair and off the ground and into the air. - Help to support the FlightAbility's program.
Flightcom Headsets, intercoms, Digital Voice Recorder and accessories from the welknown company. Today, Flightcom has become an industry leader, employing 50 people and selling products all over the world.
Flightstar Sportplanes Manufacturer of Flightstar Spyder, IISL and IISC Aircrafts with Rotax 503 or 582 engines or HKS700E - and US dealer of Flight Design CT with Rotax 912 engine.
FlightTech Intercoms FlightTech Intercoms, Enhanced Noise Reduction Intercoms ENRI technology is the first major improvement to aircraft intercom designs in over twenty years. Enhanced Noise Reduction eliminates squelch circuits and controls through a unique audio processing process that results in continues audio with up to 120db of background noise suppression as compared to an open microphone or voice operated intercom.
FloScan Aircraft Flow Transducers The vapor venting design requires that the transducer be positioned with the electrical connectors pointing up. Turbulence caused by valves or sharp elbows mounted close to the transducer inlet can affect transducer K-Factor and should be minimized.
Fly Baby and much more Fly Baby is NOT an ultralight but this webpage is nice to visit with a lot of interesting information
Fly Divers FlyDiver is a service center for Verner light aircraft engines and dealer for both radial and boxer aircraft engines from 71 to 190 horsepower.
Fly Geo-Hangar-talk This list is for the sharing of information related to the use of Geo and Suzuki auto engines in experimental aircraft and Ultralights.
Fly The Boat Learn to fly in a flying boat trike on the Emerald Coast ( Navarre, Florida).
Fly UL e-mail List This is a mailing list for people interested in Ultralight or Microlight aviation. Topics include everything related to ultralights, microlights, and Sport Pilot.
Flying My Trike In October 1997 a very dear friend of mine died from cancer. It was way too early in life for him to pass and caused me to take a serious inventory of my own life experiences.
FPS-Plus Flap Positioning System The FPS-Plus is a full service, automatic, flap positioning system, . . Plus! In the fully automatic step position mode, a one button touch, commands the flaps and elevator trim to move.
Franklin Engines For Experimental aircraft builders, the Franklin powerplant provides you with a reliable FAA certified solution at a much lower cost than any other comparable hp FAA certified engine.
Free Bird Innovation Inc, FBI Manufacturer of the Litesport Ultra tandem, Litesport Classic side-by-side ready-to-fly planes and the Litesport Ultra "Quick-to-build" single seater or side-by-side. They also manufacture a cameramount for ultralight planes.
Freedom Motors The Freedom engine is based on the Wankel rotary engine, which was patented in the late 1950's by Felix Wankel.
Fuel Pumps Facet and Purolator fuel pumps available from Aircraft Spruce and other aviation vendors.
GA News GA news, advertising, new products, Q&A, pilots reports and a lot more
Garmin Garmin is the proven leader in general aviation avionics with a wide variety of panel-mount, remote-mount and portable systems including portable GPS, transponders and transceivers (NAV/COM). Feature rich and logical to operate, you can tell our state-of-the-art avionics are designed by pilots for pilots.
Garmin GTX328 mode-S transponder Designed exclusively for Europe, GTX 328 satisfies the European requirement for a Mode S solution that meets the reduced certification requirements for the VFR Mode S mandate. GTX 328 is intended to serve VFR/Class 2 aircraft where there is adequate size and power consumption support for a GTX 328 unit and is a straightforward retrofit.
Gemini Propeller Duplicator Carve your own propeller. The Gemini Propeller Duplicator is a machine that allows individuals to easily and accurately carve wooden propellers for experimental aircraft.
Gene Whitt has given a lot of thought to flying and teaching. Aviation humour and wise words. Gene Whitt's Flying Life and a lot more.
Genuine Aircraft Hardware Anything you can emagine keeping your plane assembled and flying: Bolts, nuts, bearings, fittings, screws etc etc.
Gibbogear Manufacturer of the FS Wing equipped BB Trike.
Gleim Aviation - Sportspilot Just heard about the new Sport Pilot Certificate?Curious as to what makes a Light Sport Aircraft? - Sport Pilot Kit with Online Ground School.
Glenn Research Center FoilSim computerprogram can be downloaded here. Public access to some of our web sites is temporarily limited.
Global Positioning System Overview These materials were developed by Peter H. Dana, Department of Geography, University of Texas at Austin, 1994
GlobalPlaneSearch Search from over 26,000 aircraft ads on the Internet today......419 ultralights.
Gobosh Aviation (LSA) Gobosh Aviation is unique among a field of LSA start-up aircraft importers, distributors and dealers. Gobosh is an American company whose roots go deep into the highly-structured world of FAA-certified aircraft. Using that expertise, Gobosh works directly with LSA manufacturers to design, customize and standardize aircraft specifically for the American market.
GPS World GPSWorld delivers innovations and best practices that provide a competitive edge for the user/developer community employing global positioning and timing technologies. World's Most Popular GPS Information Resource.
GPSy GPSy is a sophisticated Macintosh GPS communications and GIS mapping program.
Grand Rapids Technologies Proven & Affordable Engine Monitoring. The EIS provides outstanding accuracy, a large, backlit, high-contrast LCD display readable under all lighting conditions. Ideal for Rotax 2- and 4 stroke and Jabiru 2200 and 3300. - The EFIS Horizon Series I provides primary flight data (attitude, altitude, airspeed, vertical speed, steering), graphical engine data, and a moving map.
Great Day Flying Boats Sales, flight training, aerial photography, film production, advertising, and spotting in and around the Outer Banks.
Great Plains Aircraft Supply Co., Inc. (GPAS) The world's leading manufacturer of VW-based aircraft engines, engine kits and components.
Great Valley Ultralights Valley ultralight club serving the Greater Fresno, Central, and Southern San Joaquin Valley at Madera Airport, Madera, CA.
Green Sky Adventure Micro Mong biplane, Zippy Sport, HKS engine, HACman mixture controller - Crossing Over Rotax 582 UL vs HKS700-E - Is it a black and white decision? Lists hangars for sale, rent, or wanted.
Happy Landings Aviation humour books by Happy Landings The Web site for readers who love to laugh or fly
Hart Aero Light Sport Aircraft Exciting and affordable new light sport aircraft designs, kit aircraft, fabrication services and more serving the new light sport aircraft enthusiast.
HCI Aviation HCI Aviation is a small company with a simple goal: to provide homebuilders an alternative to the high-revving two stroke engines or engines that were designed for cars. Radial engines are much lighter than inline and flat opposed engines of similar displacements. HCI also sells a angle of attack (AoA) indicator or stall warners, and a vertical G-meter.
HCI Engine Owners A message board for sharing resources and reference material on homebuilt radial engines, specifically HCI radial engines.
Headsets, Inc. Active noise reduction (ANR) systems for your headset at a fraction of the cost of a new headset.
Helicycle Helicopter Someone has commented that a helicopter is like a bowl of jelly. Punch it in one place and it will shake in another. But this one is not. Emptyweight around 190 kg single seat.
Henry Mignet on Flying Flea Flying Flea provides information about the Henry Mignet airplane models. Many very fine pictures, links and other stuff.
Hexatron Engineering A 60HP - 4 stroke - 800 cc - 2 cyl engine - The P60 is smooth and quiet running, is fuel efficient and power efficient; simple design and reliable with 4 valves per cylinder..
Hints for Homebuilders Videos from EAA for homebuilders.
HKS Engine owners group Discussion for everything related to Japanese HKS aviation engines.... flying, custom installation, maintenance, parts sources, performance and shared technical info of all types.
Home Built Kits & Plans Home of many ultralight kit plane specifications as well as Amphibian, Canard, Glider and Tri/Bi-Plane among others.
Home of Sport Aircraft and Experimental Aircraft You'll find Sport Aircraft for Sale, Dealers, Manufacturers, Support and Experimental Aircraft Builder Websites.
Homebuilt Airplanes Forum was launched on December 21st 2002. It was developed as a place for homebuilt aircraft enthusiasts to get together and ask questions, get answers, post pictures, share experiences, and meet like-minded folks.
Homebuilt Homepage The Homebuilt Homepage is an index and reference on Homebuilt Experimental class aircraft and related information. This is a non-profit website.
Homebuilt Homepage - Propellers Many US manufatures and suppliers of propellers listed
Homebuiltairplanes Forum Homebuiltplanes Forum was developed in December 21st 2002 as a place for homebuilt aircraft enthusiasts to get together and ask questions, get answers, post pictures, share experiences, and meet like-minded folks.
HomebuiltHELP - DVD's for the homebuilder. Welcome to a great source of instructional material and resources for the experimental airplane builder! You just can't learn everything from a book! Our library of video presentations will be growing in the future months - also films about Rotax 912 and Jabiru engines.
HomebuiltHELP - DVD's for the homebuilder. Welcome to a great source of instructional material and resources for the experimental airplane builder! You just can't learn everything from a book! Our library of video presentations will be growing in the future months - also films about Rotax 912 and Jabiru engines.
Holmes-Air Ultralight Flight Traininig Holmes-Air Ultralight Flight Instruction based in Lumberton, NC.
Honeywell (former BendixKing) Honeywell is a leading provider worldwide of integrated avionics. The KY 97A Comm Transceiver is a 760 frequency COMM with LCD display, flip-flop frequency switch, 9 programmable memory channels, audio amplifier, audio leveling. 5 watts minimum and 14 volts only.
Horizon Instruments, Inc. The Model 336 Indicators represent the state-of-the-art in applying modern electronic and display technology to aircraft engine indication.
Hornet The Hornet is a two-seat, tandem light aircraft trainer. It can be built as an experimental aircraft, under FAR 21,191 or as an ultralight trainer under FAR 103.
How Airplanes Work Before we dive into how wings keep airplanes up in the air, it's important that we take a look at four basic aerodynamic forces: lift, weight, thrust and drag. Read more........
How Do Airplane Wings *Really* Work? Amazingly enough, this question is still argued in many places, from elementary school classrooms all the way up to major pilot schools, and even in the engineering departments of major aircraft companies.
How Force, Power, Torque and Energy Work Introduction to How Force, Power, Torque and Energy Work.
How Stuff Works (HSW) How 2-stroke and 4-stroke engines work. You have the questions - and here you find the answers - In the popular way.
How to N Number your Ultralight If the vehicle you fly doesn't fit the Ultralight criteria, such as a two place Ultralight (two seats), or a fat ultralight (single seat with an empty weight over 254 pounds), then you must have it registered as an "Aircraft" before January 31, 2008. If you don't, it will be a useless and totally worthless lawn ornament.
HPower Ltd US dealer for HKS700E engine. More than 30 airplanes are propelled by a HKS700, economic 4 stroke engine.
Hummel Aviation The UltraCruiser is a legal all metal ultralight with economical, reliable, four stroke power and cruise of 60 mph
Hummel Engines The Hummel 1/2 VW Powering the Hummelbird, Ultra Cruiser and other Experimental Amateur Built and Ultralight aircraft, Morry Hummel's 2-Cylinder engine conversion plans have become a trusted standard in the aviation community.
ICOM America Home Page The welknown ICOM range og transceivers, whether you are in the air or on the ground. ICOM now also offer the IC-A210 panelmount transceiver with 8,33 kHz channelspacing.
ICON Aircraft ICON's sport amphibious aircraft are not only designed to deliver an amazing and safe flying experience, but also to inspire us the way great sports cars do. After years of development with some of the world's best aerospace engineers and industrial designers, ICON Aircraft has released the first of its line of sport planes, the ICON A5.
I-K Technologies I-K Technologies aircraft information monitors allow builders and pilots of experimental aircraft to enjoy all the benefits of today's state-of-the-art, multifunction flight and engine monitoring systems at a fraction of the cost of other systems currently available.
Illusion Strobes Since 1978 Dan White has been designing and producing one of the finest Strobe Light systems for ultralight type aircraft.
InAir Instruments, LLC The LRI is especially suited for short runway landings and takeoffs. - Precision slow speed flight in challenging conditions need no longer be a matter of 'seat of the pants' flying. - Flying with the LRI is the bush pilot's art by instrumentation. During rotation the LRI confirms sufficient lift reserve for liftoff. Climbing out with the LRI needle just above the red sector allows a pilot to achieve high performance takeoffs at maximum angle of climb. Reference to the LRI will also help ensure consistent high performance landings with the shortest rollouts - especially helpful when flying into short airstrips.
Indy Aircraft Indy Aircraft Ltd. opened in March 2006 - taking over Golden Circle Air and the T-Bird design and manufacturing. The T-Bird design has been around for 20 years with over 2,000 flying units. Indy Aircraft offer the T-bird 1 and the T-bird 2 aircrafts.
Infinity Aerospace INFINITY designed this grip with safety, comfort, functionality and durability in mind for our Infinity 1, that also fits all aircraft. The anatomical ergonomic design is contoured to the shape of your fingers, and includes a fatigue reducing hand rest at the base.
Inland Paraflite, Inc Inland Paraflite, Inc. has been in the Powered Parachute (PPC) industry since 1993, giving us over 12 years experience. We are the only year round, full time powered parachute training center located in California.
Innodyn - Affordable Turbine Power The Innodyn Turbine will enable the vast majority of experimental pilots to fly with the same advantages historically reserved for far more expensive aircraft. The Innodyn Turbine combines the reliability of a turbine, the ease of computer-controlled operation and the efficiency of Innodyn's patented fuel-control technology. - From 165 HP til 255 HP.
International Wheelchair Aviators Although IWA began in 1972 as just a monthly "fly to lunch" group of four paraplegic aviators from the Southern California area, it has developed into a worldwide group of disabled and able bodied (A/B) pilots interested in aviation and flying.
Interplane's Skyboy Our manufacturing offices and factories are located in the Czech Republic, with most of our facilities East of Prague approximately 50 miles. - Aircrafts presently being assembled include: Air Bike - Mystique - Skyboy - Storm - Swing - XJ
IVO Prop More than 20000 propellers sold. Propellers up to 700 HP - Quick adjustable and in-flight adjustable: Ultralight, Medium and Magnum models.
Jabiru - Suncoast Sportplanes Inc. We are an aviation business based at Marco Island Executive Airport (MKY) near Naples, Florida, USA and are dedicated to enthusiasts who build and/or fly Jabiru aircraft, or who have an aircraft powered by a Jabiru engine.
Jabiru Aircraft Yahoo-group Discussion and inter - member support for builders and owners of the Australian Jabiru kit - built sportplanes
Jabiru Pacific LCC The US Pacific Jabiru and Just Aircraft LSA dealer - lot's of fine information, and firewall forward kits.
Jabiru USA North America's Full Service Jabiru Builders Center.
James Reason "Managing the Risks of Organizational Accidents" (Hardcover) by James Reason. - "There are two kinds of accidents: those that happen to individuals and those that happen to organizations..."
JDT Mini-MAX -- Builder's Gallery Many builders sites and pictures of homebuilt MiniMax and HiMax ultralight planes.
JDT Mini-Minimax JDT Mini-max LCC, former ISON Aircraft and TEAM Aircraft) has made flying FUN, SAFE and AFFORDABLE for over 16 years with miniMAX and highMAX lines.
Jeffs Flight Log Every flight is an adventure. Each a unique flying experience over beautiful terrain. Try the photo album and movies first, then a few of my more recent flight logs.
Jeppesen Airway Manual Chart NOTAMs, NavData Alerts and NOTAMs, Briefing Bulletins, Jeppesen Airway Manual Calendar, Bottlang Airfield Manual special notes and checklists, weather maps, GPS and VFR combo charts, FAA test preps and much more.
Jim's Ultralight Trike Jim kit-built a J&J Tukan in '97 and has flown it for about 250 hrs. His airstrip and hanger are in his back yard although he does take it out occasionally.
John Moody (Ultralight Pioneer, "The Father Of Ultralights") The incredible legacy of John K. Moody Father of Ultralights. Few of today's ultralight enthusiasts truly understand the unique beginnings of ultralight aviation.
Just Aircraft Two place side-by-side dual control sticks. High quality 4130 Chrome moly steel. Wings fold in under 2 minutes. No disconnecting of controls or surfaces. Tail-wheel or tricycle landing gear, easy swap.
Just Plane Frank Welcome to Just Plane Frank's! This web page covers the building of a Homebuilt aircraft called the Rans S7 Courier.
Kathleens RV7 Builders Site A woman building a Vans RV-7a (no mentor or helper) provides a detailed step by step pictorial of her experience.
Ken Filloons SkyRanger Site Some nice pictures and fine hint for Skyranger owners.
Kennon Aircraft Covers Kennon Aircraft Covers manufactures protective covers, sun shields, and heat screens for general aviation, business aviation and military aviation air planes and helicopters. Shop securely online
Kennons Links These web site links are listed as a convenience to our visitors. If you use these links, we take no responsibility and give no guarantees, warranties or representations, implied or otherwise, for the content or accuracy of these third-party sites.
Kitplane 700 kitplanes, 300 companies, Magazine, Aircrafts for sale.
Kitfox Aircraft LCC *Welcome to the new official website of Kitfox, the most popular kit built aircraft in the world.
KitLog Pro More Than 3,000 Copies Sold! Simply click on the Testimonials tab and see why more than 3,000 builders are using our software. Building an aircraft? KitLog Pro is for you!
Kitplanes, Links 100's of Advertiser Links
Kolb Aircraft The new Kolb Aircraft has all the known Kolb aircraft available for you. The New Kolb Aircraft Company has developed a stainless steel exhaust system for the Rotax 912 and 912S engines.
KR net KRnet is a free Internet mailinglist devoted to helping KR builders and pilots to construct and fly their KR aircraft more safely and efficiently. This is THE place to get your KR questions answered.
Kuntzleman Electronic All of the Kuntzleman Electronic's Magnum strobe's systems have been designed for maximum brightness and have been tested in twilight in excess of 5 miles.
Landingprocedures Landings involve procedures and perceptions that are just a little bit different from those involved in other phases of flight. A few of them are discussed in this chapter in John S. Denker's brilliant book "See How It Flies", which has been available on the WWW since 1996.
Landings, Ultralight 100's of UL links. Search for Ultralight in the bottom of the first page.
Landshorter! Adding Landshorter! vortex generators to your aircraft is simply the most cost effective investment you are ever going to make to increase your aircraft's performance and handling.
Lazair: A Classic Ultralight Twin It was in 1978, in Canada, that Dale Kramer designed the Lazair, one of the first twin-engine ultralights. Though it was introduced before Part 103 came into being, the Ultraflight Sales Ltd. Lazair was a true pioneer, an airplane which helped define the ultralight class.
Leading Edge Air Foils LEAF Rotax Service Center, new Rotax engines and parts, Rotax service, LSA parts, Ultralight parts, free catalog.
Learning Technologies, World Wind World Wind lets you zoom from satellite altitude into any place on Earth. Leveraging Landsat satellite imagery and Shuttle Radar Topography Mission data, World Wind lets you experience Earth terrain in visually rich 3D, just as if you were really there.
Leonard Milholland's Better Half VW Engine. I started on the Better Half VW engine conversion about 1993, and so far have sold about 1500 plans of this conversion.
Leonard Milholland's Legal Eagle Ultralight. Somewhere between 100 and 150 of these conversions have been built and are flying today.
Light Aircraft Manufacturers Association - LAMA Our mission is to equally and fairly provide to every member of LAMA: - Representation to government, associations, and other entities - Participation in voluntary consensus standards, quality assurance audits, and other technical services - Timely communication and voting; and promotion of member products
Light Airplanes1 In our Portal the companies can free insert a web page, their banner and an advertisement. - The visitors can insert free advertisements and a banner in our marketplace. - The people with aeronautical experience can propose their person as teacher for the distance learning.
Light Flight A reader blog about flying ultralights with Robert Laird
Light Sport I recognized a need for accurate information sharing and to assist people who fly, want to buy, plan to build or are in the process of building aircraft that fit into the Light Sport Aircraft Category. I will finish and fly my AVID Catalina someday soon. I was an Avionics Technician in the Navy and hold a Private Pilot Licence that is not current. I also have a BA in business and understand the need for accuracy in reporting and recording information. Aviation is not what I do for a living, but it is what I love to do in the spare time I have. A place to talk, share ideas and explore possibilities.
Light Sport Airplanes West Light Sport Aircraft Dealers for: Tecnam Bravo, Tecnam Echo Super, Tecnam Sierra, Flight Design CT Cruiser, Sting Sport, Evektor Sport Star
Lightspeed Aviation Our ANR headsets have been the number one seller in the country since their introduction in 1996. The low cost QFR Solo passive headset has a 28.7 db NRR, it has the HIGHEST Noise Reduction Rating (NRR) of any Aviation Headset.
Light-Sport Aircraft The rule specifies five categories of aircraft that can be operated within the performance limitations of the rule: airplanes, weight-shift aircraft, powered parachutes, gliders, and lighter than air.
Lil' Breezy B-Model The LiL Breezy is a very light yet robust aircraft. It is constructed from high quality materials and is designed to be rugged and simple to operate and maintain. The aircraft is easy to fly, but should only be done so by qualified persons.
Links on Pilotfriend Ultralight, microlight & trike websites on Pilotfriend - and much more.
Link-to-links on Skydiver A great many links on Skydiver llc, USA.
LiveATC, Live Aviation Radio is a growing site geared to providing you with a sampling of live ATC radio traffic from around the world.
Lockwood Aviation Supply Rotax aircraft engine parts plus many other light aircraft parts and accessories.
Loehle Aircraft Corporation World Leader in Replica Aircraft Kits. Here you will find lots of information on our famous line of aircraft kits.
Long EZ Designed in the mid 1980's by aircraft design legend Burt Rutan, The Long-EZ has become the most popular "Plans Built" aircraft in existence. The LongEZ is a refinement of Burt's two earlier designs, the VariViggen and the Vari-EZ. These refinements make the Long EZ a comfortable long distance, high altitude, cross country flying machine. - Very good site with a lot of information and downloads.
Longitude and Latitude Finder Easy to find any latitude and longitude worldwide.
LSA Discussion Group om Yahoo Join our group and discuss the new (LSA) Light-Sport Aircraft and Sport Pilot license. Please ask questions. Talk about anything related to Light-Sport Aircraft and the Sport Pilot license..
LSA on AOPA AOPA's Member Guide to being Sport Pilot ready - Light sport airplanes descend on AOPA headquarters.
LSA on EAA To obtain a sport pilot certificate you must have either an FAA airman medical certificate or a current and valid U.S. driver's license issued by a state.
LSA on FAA Read more about Light Sport Aircraft on the FAA (Federal Aviation Administration) homepage.
LSA on USUA Quick links to regulations, FAQ's, test quesions and more.! Features of this site: all major aviation calculations and functions including Standard Atmosphere - Calculate-as-you-type for single variable functions. - Inverse calculations for almost all functions. - On-the-fly multiple unit conversions. - Easy to use generic one or two axis weight and balance calculation sheet. - Radius of Action calculations - Learning & Tutorials.
Magellan GPS THALES Navigation (formerly Magellan Corporation and THALES Navigation, SA) satellite access products.
Magic from Slipstream The Magic is an all metal, 100% ASTM Compliant Certified Sport Aircraft using only the highest quality material available for the US LSA market!
Magic Trikes US distributor of Magic Trikes from Ace Aviation. Part 103 legal. Choice of wings and engines.
Managing High-Risk Environments For more than 30 years Robert Helmreich, a psychology professor at The University of Texas at Austin, has been examining team management under stress. His research has led him to help develop a highly successful training program called CRM (Crew Resource Management)
Manufacturers of 3-axis ultralight/LSA aircraft Allmost all manufacturers of UL aircrafts, plans and kits have their own website. For those who don't you may find a distributor or dealer site covering the subject in the Supplies/Parts/Service group. In this group you will also find manufacturers of Special Light-Sport Aircraft.
Manufacturers of HOAE Aircraft Engines This compilation is offered as a source of data, references, aircraft applications, and notes for horizontally-opposed aircraft engines (HOAE) manufactured everywhere in the world. Both two-stroke cycle (2-S) and four-stroke cycle (4-S) engines are included.
Marv Golden Pilot Supplies. They have almost everything: transceivers, headsets, avionics, GPS systems etc. at competitive prices. Sign up for our Monthly E-Newsletter for Specials and discounts.
Masterkraft FEEL THE SURGE OF ANOTHER 15 HORSEPOWER! Now you can convert Your Rotax 912UL to the 912 XTRA to get extra 15 HP in about 3 hours and in most cases without removing the engine!
MATCO Mfg MATCO mfg produces wheels and brakes in four, five, and six inch diameters with a variety of bearing sizes from 5/8 to 1 1/2 inches. MATCO mfg supplies products to approximately 80 percent of the kitplane industry.
Matronics Manufacturer of high quality digital fuel totalizer system for aircraft.
Matronics Email Lists Forum Lots of relevant emaillists for ultralight and LSA aircraft pilots
Matt's Zodiac Project Follow Matt's CH601 building project plus a lot of useful information.
Mazda Wankel Rotary Engines for Aircraft Mazda rotary engines for aircrafts, boats, automobiles - learn a lot about rotary engines on this website.
MBP - Magnum Ballistic Parashutes Magnum recovery systems are designed for ultralights, LSA and experimental aircraft. Magnum ballistic systems are very well known in Europe and sold under Junkers-ProFly brand name
Michel Avionics Products Michel Avionics Products are designed to provide low cost replacements for many of the older Nav/Comm's that are currently installed in general aviation aircraft. The primary objective is to provide a plug-in replacement so that no installation modification is required.
Micro Aerodynamics Inc. Micro vortex generators are small metal blades placed in a spanwise line aft of the leading edge of the wing. They conrol airflow over the upper surface of the wing by creating vortices that energize the boundary layer. This results in improved performance and control authority at low airspeeds and high angles of attack. Not yet avaiable for LSA and ULM.
Microtim MicroTim Precision Digital Barometric Altimeter / Barometer / VSI is FASTER and MORE ACCURATE than any typical GPS unit or wristwatch altimeter.
Midwest Sport Aviation We are a new company founded with the Light Sport Aircraft (LSA)/Sport Pilot in mind. We will be providing several quality aircraft to the US Market from Bilsam Aviation in Poland.
Mifyter Kits Imagine yourself in the pilot seat with a long white silk scarf trailing from your neck. The MIFYTER personifies the thrill of WWI Fighter Planes and is exhilarating to fly.
Mike Ricketts' HKS Conversion Mike is having his Rotax 582 replaced with an HKS 700E on his C model Avid Flyer.
miniMax Aircraft BBS and Database This board is dedicated to all miniMax, Himax, and Airbike aircraft builders, pilots, or anyone just interested in these aircraft.
Monroy Aerospace The Monroy ATD-200 and ATD-300 detects all transponder type replies from nearby traffic and displays their proximity in a bright graphic LED display.
Motor Components, LLC Our proven solid-state fuel pump technology provides universal performance for low and high pressure carburetor applications.
Motors on AVweb Articles about engines written by Marc Cook, who is, besides being a big engine nut, the editor-in-chief of Kitplanes magazine and a freelance journalist living in Long Beach, Calif.
Mountain Flying Flight safety in the mountains is not an elusive or difficult concept, but it does require an awareness and understanding of the hazards associated with mountain flight to reduce the risk and bring about an enjoyable experience.
Mountain Flying Bible Revised Mountain flying has always demanded its own rules and an entirely different set of flying skills than flatland flying. The new Mountain Flying Bible - Revised contains 100-percent new information. It is jam-packed with updated science, advice, lore and wisdom.
Mr.Funnel The Mr. Funnel Fuel Filter is specially designed to filter out water, dirt, and debris from most fuels including, gasoline, diesel, heating oil, and kerosene. These harmful contaminants can lead your engine to a loss of efficiency, engine shutdown, or even system failure.
M-Squared, Inc M-Squared Aircraft, Inc. offers a wide range of Ultralight and Light Sport Aircraft, from the basic single seat to the Extreme Factory Built 100 Horsepower Retractable Gear Floatplane. They anufacture these models: Breese, Breese 2, Sprint 1000, Sport 1000, Ultra-X, American Tugz
My Kitfox Welcome to, a site dedicated to the construction and operation of my Kitfox SuperSport aircraft.
My KitLog My KitLog is a Web based builder's hub that showcases experimental aircraft projects from all over the World. - You will also find a few ultralights.
MyPilotStore Books & Magazines - Charts - Jeppesen - Flight Computers/Plotters - Gifts / Novelty - GPS - Headsets/Intercoms - Kneeboards - Software - Transceivers - Video/Audio Tapes - and much more
N3-Pup, The Super Pup, Ultra Pup If you think an ultralight looks like a cross between a lawn chair and a kite and sounds like a chain saw!....take a look at Preceptor....
Narco Avionics Transceivers, Transponders, Emergency locator, Nav/Com Systems, Nav Systems and Altitude Encoders.
National Weather Service, NOAA Current weather conditions in Koebenhavn / Roskilde, EKRK Denmark
Navaid Devices, Inc The Navaid Devices autopilot was designed specifically for homebuilders and is intended for use only in aircraft licensed in the experimental category. It relieves the pilot work load in VFR cross-country flying, but is not approved for IFR use.
Needley Engines Needleye engine company manufactures a twin cylinder four cycle aircooled engine for light aircraft. The engine can be used in either tractor or pusher configurations. The engine is 100 cubic inches or 1660 cubic centimeters and produces from 50 to 75 horsepower, depending on the induction set-up.
New Mexico Trikes Ultralight Trike Rides & Lessons - video clips and pictures.
Nexaer LSA Nexaer is manufacturing an innovative 2-seat airplane that will be classified as a Light Sport Aircraft (LSA) under the new FAA Sport Pilot Rule. This aircraft is not an "ultralight" style aircraft; it is very much a standard aircraft with all the performance and utility that one would expect from a normal airplane. The official Graham Lee Nieuport replica website.
North Wing Design At North Wing our main design criteria is to offer you a choice of wings that delivers easy handling, making them fun to fly. We produce trikes and wings for trikes.
NTSB The National Transportation Safety Board.
Online Courses from AOPA The AOPA Air Safety Foundation's online courses qualify for the safety seminar portion of the FAA WINGS program. Also try the new minicourses!
Opus Aircraft The OPUS Super2 is an all aluminium, shoulder wing aircraft with exceptional all round visibility. - The Super2 gained full production and type certification under British Civil Airworthiness Requirements (BCAR's) inthe United Kingdom and Joint Airworthiness Requirements for Very Light Aircraft (JAR/VLA) certification in Europe. The aircraft has also been accepted as an Advanced Ultralight in Canada and soon Special Light Sport Aircraft certification in the USA.
Ornithopter /rn-thptr/ The full-scale ornithopter is an engine powered aircraft that carries one pilot. All of the thrust and nearly all of the lift is created by the mechanical flapping of the ornithopter's wings.
Oshkosh - EAA AirVenture 2008 The world's largest general aviation gatheringEAA AirVenture Oshkoshcelebrates flight's first century at the 56st annual EAA AirVenture Oshkosh fly-in, which was held on July 28 - Aug. 03, 2008.
Out There....Flying! Out There...Flying! produces high adventure videos about back country flying. Join me as we tour the western states and visit some of the most remote and rugged airstrips in the lower 48.
Over the Airwaves This complimentary bi-weekly e-mailing is being sent to pilots and aviation enthusiasts around the world. Its aim is to promote flight safety, encourage students and new pilots, and to build enthusiasm for aviation in general.
Pacific Northwest Aero LLC The Experimenter's Kit is designed for you to experiment on your own aircraft. You may choose to go through the flight test program of Vortex Generators to find the optimal placement of the VGs on your airplane. We instruct you through our manual and also include an excellent installation video.
Palmflying Welcome to, your one-stop site for handheld (PDA) aviation solutions. This site provides reviews (screenshots) for aviation software and hardware for the pilot or aviation enthusiast.
PC Avionics PCAvionicsTM was founded in January, 2002 by Todd Sprague, a pilot and software developer, to market and sell the MountainScopeTM moving-map software that he had started developing for his own use in 1999.
Peltor USA Peltor, world leader in manufacturing high quality headsets, is owned by Aearo Company, formerly Cabot Safety Corporation.
Petersen Aviation This website is designed to answer the most frequently asked questions about using automotive fuel in General Aviation airplanes.
Phantom Aircraft Company Phantom, simply the best and simplest UL aircraft to build. Tested to +9,5and -6,4G. Folding wings is option
Pilot Communications US manufacturer of headsets, intercom, helmets etc.
Pilot/Controller Glossary (P/CG) The P/CG is an addendum to the Aeronautical Information Manual, Order 7110.10, Flight Services, and Order 7110.65, Air Traffic Control.
Pilotfriend World's most encyclopaedic and entertaining aviation website - hit "aviation history" on the left and read about "history of microlights" with thanks to BMAA.
PilotMall Welcome to Aviation Superstore. We are an e-commerce/retail pilot shop located at Stewart Int'l Airport in New Windsor, NY.
Pilotshop Here you can buy anything you need.
Pipistrel USA The Pipistrel Sinus and Virus are the world's first Ultralight Certified composite two-seater motorgliders. Made from the same JAR 22 long life composite materials.
Plane Math Welcome to PlaneMath, a place to learn cool things about math and aeronautics!
Plane Perfection North American Distributor For BRM Aircraft. - Canadian distributor for BRS parachutes. Flight Simulator Downloads, add ons, FSX, FS2004, FS2002, FS2000 and CFS mods, military jets, aircraft carriers, airliners, helicopters... Join Now!
Plans Delivery Introducing the "e-plans" High Quality engineered drawings Ultra low cost Instant delivery. Why wait for your drawings if you can have them RIGHT NOW!
PM Aviation - USA US importer for P&M Pegasus Quik and Quik GT450 Light Sport trikes. SLSA & ELSA.
Poly Fiber Aircraft Coating It's A Complete System - When you cover your airplane with Poly-Fiber, you get everything you need. All the tools and materials, all from your Poly-Fiber distributor.
PoorBoy Aviation Inc. Goals of the PoorBoy design are quick construction technique, and low cost. The plans show how to build the PoorBoy and list a variety of model options you can choose from.
Powerfin Inc. Powerfin Inc. offer the ultralight and small experimental pilot the safest, most efficient, highest quality carbon fiber composite propellers. is a service of Tower Marketing, a sign and vinyl graphics company, located in Washington State. As a former Marine Aviator Mike Lersbak, the owner, has begun flying PPCs since leaving the Marine Corps.
Powersport Aviation Developers of the Powersport RE-215 Rotary Aircraft Engine - unfortunately too large for ultralights.
Precision Composite Inc. The Company is your " one stop shop" for turning designs into reality by creating a highly finished prototype and mold to produce your "one of a kind" composite part! ...Or, as many as you like.
Prestige Aircraft Company Prestige Aircraft Company LLC is the exclusive importer, licensed manufacturer, for aircraft designed by Storm Aircraft Srl. - The STORM RALLY SLSA is the latest state of the art in aircraft design.
Prince Aircraft Company We manufacture two lines of propellers, each have its own price level and performace enhancements: Wood P-TIP Propeller and Carbon Fiber P-TIP Propeller
Procockpit Aircraft flight safety information for pilots. Learn cockpit resource management and aviation safety concepts with interactive program. Training software for private, commercial, ATP, Instrument.
Propeller Tip Speed Calculator Would you like to know how fast your propeller tips are traveling? Enter some different combinations of prop diameter and RPM setting below to find out.
PropLink - Variable Pitch System for Experimental Aircraft With its all-mechanical variable pitch hub, PropLink, LP is giving builders a new and important variable pitch alternative.
Proven Lycoming O-235 Power The four cylinder, 116 HP, direct-drive, air-cooled engine offers a 2,400 hour TBO. Suitable for the LSA version of the CH601 but too heavy for the UL version.
PS Engineering Two, four and six place intercoms, inflight entertainment and audio selector panels.
Pulsar Engine Monitor from Stern Technologies The Pulsar combines monitoring for over 30 engine parameters into a single, reliable digital module. A crisp color display makes engine information fully visible in cockpit conditions ranging from direct sunlight to nighttime. Clear, logically presented information allows rapid scanning of all relevant engine data
Quicksilver The worlds largest manufacturer of sport aircraft
Quicksilver Ultralight Owners With all of this experience out there, this is the forum to share knowledge and get the information and advice you might be looking for.
RAD Electronics, Inc Radical Audio Design was established in 2000 with the goal of being the first in it's field to bring a true noise-gating intercom system including headsets and helmets.
Rad-Cam Radial Engine Rad-Cam builds an ultra low vibration, ultra low emission, fuel efficient, moderate RPM internal combustion 2 cycle gasoline engine that will radically change the following industries: ultra light aircraft, small motorcycles, personal watercraft, RV and small electric generators and snowmobiles. Production expects to start in May 2002 - please check if this is correct.
Radio Interface Schematics Might be a little bit of help for you.
RagWing Aeroplane Company RagWing Fleet - RW1 Ultra-Piet "Pete" - RW2 Special I - RW4 Midwing Sport - RW5 Heath Replica RW6 RagWing Parasol - RW7 Duster - RW8 RagWing Pt2S - RW9 Motor Bipe - RW11 Rag-A-Bond - RW16 Aerial - RW19 Stork - RW20 Stork - side-by-side - RW22 Tiger Moth - RW26 Special II.
Rainbow Aviation Services Rainbow Aviation, specializing in Sport Aviation, was established in 1991 as a full service FBO, is now currently the only full service Sport Pilot facility in the United States.
Rainbow Aviation Services A Complete line of Sport Pilot Products to Assist you in your goals to becoming a Sport Pilot or Sport Pilot Instructor.
Ramphos Makes an amphibious Trike called the Sonic as well as some land-based Trikes.
Rand Robinson Engineering Sporty, sleek designs, utilizing wood, foam and fiberglass composite constructions: KR-1, KR-2, KR-2S.
Rans Aircraft RANS has evolved into a world leader in the ever growing recumbent bike and kit plane industries.
Rans Builder is an online forum for Rans aircraft builders, flyers, and enthusiasts.
Rans Clan The Rans Clan is a group of like minded people with a common interest in Rans airplanes. Our purpose is to give Rans fans a centralized place to learn, teach, motivate, and most of all have fun.
Rans Clan Forum An online social networking place for Rans Aircraft builders, dreamers, and flyers.
RANSflyers This group is dedicated to the building and flying of RANS aircraft. All RANS owners, (past, present or future) or those interested, are encouraged to participate.
Raptor Turbo Diesel Raptor Turbo Diesel, LLC was formed to bring world class turbo diesel technology to general aviation. Our initial entry into the Light Sport Plane market, the Raptor 105, is intended to compete directly with the Rotax 912 ULS and Rotax 914. Using less fuel than a 912ULS and with more power than a 914 in a smaller physical package, the Raptor 105 is the ideal engine for any Light Sport Aircraft!
Raven Rotorcraft & Redrives Inc. Our goal is to provide a cost-effective alternative to the popular Rotax line of small aircraft engines.
Real World Solutions, About rotary engines. Real World Solutions Inc. was formed for the purpose of developing cost effective information and products for converting the Mazda rotary engine for aircraft use.
Recreational Power Engineering U.S. distributor for Hirth Engines
ReFLIGHT The world's first hands-free cockpit video, audio and flight data recording system. We offer complete flight recording solutions, as well as component sales.
Renegade Spirit This website contains detail construction photos and information about the Murphy Renegade Spirit Biplane that Bob Donaghy is building.
Revolution Rotary Engines Inc. Our lightweight and powerful aviation engines are made from specialit aluminium alloy and range from 22 HP tol 300 HP. They can be used in homebuilt, ultralight or light sport aircraft. These engines can use Mogas
Rick Roberts' Zenith 701 A Zenith building project from A to Z. Lots of oictures.
Rite Angle AOA System We produce the flight proven and affordably priced ($545.00) RiteAngle IIIb solid state electronic angle of attack system.
Rocky Mountain Instruments Rocky Mountain Instrument is dedicated to providing high quality, high technology, reliable instruments at an affordable price.
Rocky Mountain Wings, LLC Manufacturer of the Ridge Runner 1, 2 and 3, and soon the Ridge Runner 4, the Bushwhacker 3-axis aircrafts.
Rollison Light Sport Aircraft, Inc. Distributor in the USA and Canada for the EUROFOX: quick-folding wings (1 person - 10 minutes!) easy 110 mph cruise with Rotax 912S engine over 200 manufactured since 1990 S-LSA approved
Ron's Sonex #94 Web Site Just after graduating college, I found myself with a good job, good pay, new (and still tolerant) wife, no kids, and relatively free weekends.
RotaMax The RotaMax Engine is the most efficient, reliable, and affordable Wankel-type engine on the market today. We are known for our expertise in rotary engine manufacturing technology, with our own tooling for castings and production manufacturing equipment.
Rotary Aircraft Engines These engines are specifically manufactured for aviation. This is not an automobile engine conversion. They have dual spark plugs per each rotor, dual ignition, altitude compensating electronic engine management with fuel injection, and full in-flight engine monitoring. They are water cooled, and have metered oil injection so that they are always running on clean oil. (Wankel)
Rotax 508 dead The 508 is based allot around the 503 it uses the same fan tower and what Ive heard the same pistons. The engine is taller though due to the overhead valve system. It is dry sump using the same oil bottle as the 912 It's power is around 42 hp.
Rotax at Kodiak Research KODIAK RESEARCH Nassau Bahamas - Authorized Distributor of ROTAX ENGINES
Rotax Owners Association ROTAX aircraft engine service information.
Runway Safety "Runway incursions pose a significant but unnecessary risk for pilots and their passengers. This course will help you avoid common pitfalls as well as needless accidents and scares." Safe flying starts and ends on the ground. An interactive program from AOPA.
RV-12 LSA The RV-12 is Van's newest design. It is intended to meet the standards of the new Light Sport Category. It's a two-seat all-metal side-by-side airplane with a steel leaf tricycle landing gear. - My Rans Super Six Coyote II This site was created to document my progress on the construction and assembly process of the future Amateur Homebuilt Experimental Aircraft N107KW, a Rans, Inc. model S-6S (Super Six) Coyote II Taildragger. Lots of nice pictures.
Sadler Radial Engines dead The 6 cylinder R1765U radial engine uses two banks of three cylinders with power pulses every 120 degrees of revolution.
Safer Skies through Education Improve upon the Nation's aviation accident rate by conveying safety principles and practices through training, outreach, and education; while establishing partnerships and encouraging the continual growth of a positive safety culture within the aviation community.
Sage Variometers Sage Variometers is dedicated to manufacturing the highest quality handmade mechanical instruments in the world.
Savannah on Frappr Savannah information on Frappr.
Savannah Owners Welcome to Savannah aircraft!!! This is an active resource group for Savannah owners, builders,prospective buyers and experimental aircraft fans.
Scott's Trike Center Scott's Trike Center will pre-adapted their trikes for their disabled customers needs.
Sea and Sky Aviation Link Page Ron's Sea and Sky Aviation Page page is mostly for the Homebuilt Aviation enthusiast. Go searching - you will find a lot more than you can imagine.
Sea Eagle Float Systems Floats Light Sport Aircraft, Inc. has developed an entirely new Sea Eagle series of polymeric amphibious aircraft float systems designed for both fixed wing and weight shift aircraft.
Seair Technologies Inc. Seair Technologies Inc.'s first product is the Seair Flying Boat. It has been in production for over a year, and has been featured in television and magazines.
SeaMax USA SeaMax Distributor for North America. SeaMax is the ultimate ultralight amphibian manufactured in Brazil by Airmax.
Sebring: U.S. Sport Aviation Expo 2009 The Expo is the place to see, try, buy and sell Light Sport Aircraft, and is the event at which to establish new business relationships and learn about LSA and Sport Pilot Certificate and other LSA related certifications. - The event takes place January 22-25, 2009.
See a Titan Tornado S being built After selling my Challenger II, the search was on for the perfect next plane. The plane had to be able to fly out of my 845' runway, cruise over 100mph, meet the proposed Sport Pilot guidelines while still coming close to the existing UL trainer rules, and cost less than $30K.
See How It Flies A new spin on the perceptions, procedures and principles of flight. By John S. Denker.
Sensenich Wood Propellers They deliver propellers for Rotax 912 engines.
Sights and Sounds of Aviation Lots of great movies from the early days of flight ready to download.
Sigtronics American Made products for aviation communication since 1974: Intercoms, headsets and audio systems.
Six Chuter Inc. Legend XT SSDC- Side-by-side Dual Control Trainer......Legend XL ELSA 90% Kit with Optional Dual Controls......Legend DE and SE Tandem Quick Build ELSA or ABLSA Kits......Legend SP103 ss True Part 103 Single Seat Ever Dreamed Of Flying? With no walls around you, like a bird soaring over the landscape. If your answer is yes, then you are ready for a Sixchuter Powered Parachute.
Sky Pup Vision Statement: to bring about the revival of the Sky Pup ultralight as the CHEAP, RELIABLE, and FUN aircraft it was designed to be for the 21st century and beyond. Also, to collect and preserve all things Sky Pup.
Skyline Aviation Our aircraft tugs are different - - for good reason. Innovative design makes them relatively inexpensive, easy to operate and universal. They fit almost any plane without need for hydraulics, special adaptors, or difficult adjustments
Skyranger Aircraft Company Inc. The US agent for Skyranger - lot of fine information.
Skyranger by Aeros A Ukrainian company offering the Skyranger and several other types of aircraft for import into the US.
Skyranger Owners Welcome to Skyranger E-Group. An active resource group for Skyranger owners, builders and prospective Skyranger Buyers
Skyshop and Czech Aircraft Works Skyshop Inc. - long tradition of builder assistance and ready-to-fly experimental kits. The largest importer of European Sport Planes from the very successful Czech Aircraft Works and other European manufacturers like the Mermaid amphibian, Dynamic WT-9 and the Parrot for the LSA market.
SkySports GPS, instruments, radios and accessories for ultralights, kitplanes, homebuilts, hang gliders, paragliders, and general aviation.
SkySports, technical information. SkySports offers such a large variety of instruments and so many pilots are new to the sport that we felt it was time for a little explanation. Lots of good stuff for newcomers as well as seasoned pilots.
SkyVector Don't go flying with this website! - Purchase a real chart, and come back alive to visit us again.
SL30 and SL40 VHF/Comm from Garmin SL30 VHF transceiver (identical to SL40) include a 200-channel VOR, glideslope, and localizer receivers. SL40 VHF/Comm offers you 8 watt output with a DC input from 10 to 40 volt sized 1.3"H x 6.25"W x 10.5"D and weight 2 lbs. Garmin also offer GPS Nav.Com., Multifuncion displays and Transponders.
Softcomm Headsets and Intercom Softcomm Products is a Designer and Manufacturer of Headsets and Intercoms. We cover a wide variety of applications for the aviation community.
SoftWing Flight Powered Parachutes Located in Libertyville, IL, SoftWing Flight promotes powered parachute and trike flying. They represent Stellar Aircraft and Astra Trike weightshift ultralights and Powered Parachutes.
Sonerai II The Sonerai II (original) is one of the most versatile two place homebuilt aircraft ever conceived. In its original form, the standard Sonerai II is a mid-wing, two place tandem aircraft, that is flown from the rear seat solo.
Sonex Builders The Sonex, Waiex, and Xenos plans provide sufficient detail for constructing your aircraft. Some may find the helpful hints and images on the following web sites useful during the building process.
Sonex LtD SONEX is a basic and economical all metal two place monoplane. Designed to meet the needs of the European sport aircraft markets.
SP-200 from Sporty's Pilotship SP-200 hand-held NAV/COM transceiver has unique features and pilot-friendly design. It is still the only hand-held radio to put communication, VOR navigation and localizer display in the palm of your hand. Now includes a handy Last Frequency button and 8.33 KHz frequency spacing (already in effect in Europe).
SpageAge Control Manufacturer of flight test and production probes that measure total pressure, static pressure, air temperature, and angle of attack.
Sparkplugs - how they work Spark plugs are one of the most misunderstood components of an engine. Numerous questions have surfaced over the years, leaving many people confused.
Special Products Aviation My hobbies is flying, hunting, fishing and ham radio, (KB5UIJ). I enjoy back country flying in my custom built 210 HP modified 7 AC Champ airplane, (see picture on my web page). I enjoy talking airplane modifications with others and sharing knowledge on new ideas and designs.
Sport Aircraft Work The US importer of the all metal Parrot, the Mermaid amphibian and the Sportcruiser.
Sport Aircraft Works CZAW Discloses Plan to Become Largest LSA Manufacturer - It may be one of the worst-kept secrets in the Light Sport Aircraft industry, so it's finally time to officially announce it: Czech Aircraft Works (CZAW) is already operational in its new facility, in keeping with its plan to be one of the world's largest LSA manufacturers.
Sport Aviation Specialties! Great site with useful information about LSA.
Sport Flight Aviation Build your own tandem pusher ultralight plane.
Sport Pilot The definitive source for FAA sport pilot information
Sport Pilot & Light-Sport Aircraft magazine EAA Sport Pilot & Light-Sport Aircraft magazine is dedicated to those who fly, buy, build/assemble, maintain, and have fun with light-sport aircraft, sport pilot eligible aircraft, and ultralights
Sport Pilot News on EAA Keep yourself updated on what happens,
Sport Pilot Talk The discussion forum for Sport Pilots and Light Sport Aircraft.
Sport Pilot Training 2 This Guide is written for those who are transitioning their two seat Ultralight trainers and single seat ultralight like aircraft. In this document I will outline the steps required to N number, Register and have your Sport Aircraft Airworthiness Inspected and Certified.
Sport Plane llc Specializing in Sales, Service and Aftermarket parts for Sport Aircraft.
Sport Planes.Com A Rans Sports Plane service center - The fastest growing segment of general aviation today, SPORT PLANES. Represented here are leaders in innovation, design and performance. Experienced manufactures offering proven products you can rely on This is the starting point for several interesting web sites including stories, enginestuff, photos and Kitfoxowners.
Sportpilot Org US Sportpilot is an organization under EAA representing the new rules proposals to flying light aircrafts in the US (Light Sport Aircraft LSA ).
Sportpilot-online The Federal Aviation Administration (FAA) has released new certification requirements for Light Sport Aircraft LSA, pilots and instructors. The new regulation addresses advances in sport and recreational aviation technology. Read more on UltralightFlying Magazine..
Sports Flying Shop Welcome to, your source for quality sport aviation instrumentation, necessities and accessories!
Sports Plane America Sports Planes have come to the US - see how they do. is establishing independently owned �Regional Centers across the USA. There are over 18 regional centers to date with a projected growth of 28 centers within 5 months.
Sporty's Pilot Shop Since 1961, Sporty's has provided pilots around the world with high quality aviation products at competitive prices. Request a free Catalog.
SPOT Satellite Messenger and Tracker The SPOT �Satellite Personal Tracker unit has more features and services than other Emergency Handheld GPS Personal Location Beacon units selling for over $1000.00 - Never be lost, stranded or be in potentially in life threatening situations in remote areas beyond the range of cellular phones.
Stalag 13 Aviation Links 1000's of links to almost any homepage about aviation, also about ultralight flying.
StingSport Aircraft The best handling LSA Sport Aircraft according to many test reviews. This carbon fiber aircraft is imported by SportairUSA and has a fantastic 360 degree view cockpit.
StingSport Aircraft Welcome to the world of Sport Aviation! SportairUSA, LC is the exclusive United States distributor of the TL-2000 StingSport aircraft.
STOL Adventures is a video production company specializing in creating quality DVDs featuring amazing off-airport backcountry bush flying.
Stop by and Fly Hang Gliding & Ultra Lights any kind of fishin Photo work around the house stuff Good friends good food good drink not always in this order. US Cavalry Officer.
Stream Line The industry standard in strut fairing material for ultralight and experimental aircraft...
Sun'n Fun 2009 Sun 'n Fun EAA Fly-In - The 35st Annual Spring Celebration of Flight! - April 21 - 26, 2009
SuperCup Members Site Meet other enthusiastic SuperCup pilots. Links, photo gallery, discussion forum, buy�n sale.
Survival Products Survival Products, Inc. has been in the Aviation and Marine life raft servicing business since 1970. They deliver a complete range og ELT's, Emergency Locator Transmitters.
S-Wing USA S-Wing was designed by a Russian engineer and test pilot using a composite fuselage. Wings are covered with fabric but a composite wing is currently under development.
Talk About Aviation Talk about Aviation and anything else that flies! Discuss planes to hot-air balloons. Review your favorite airplane with fellow aviators.
TampaBay Aerosport Tampa Bay Aerosports based in Zephyrhills, Florida offers light sport aircraft sales and flight training.
Taskem Corp. Taskem Corp. manufactures altimeters, tachometers, engine gauges and other instruments for ultralight, experimental and certified aircraft and hot air balloons.
Team Kitfox The web community for Kitfox Aircraft builders, owners, and pilots.
Tech.Tips for the Jabiru Engine Engine break in, installation, operation, & maintenance tips.
Technical articles from CPS 800-Airwolf 55 technical articles about Rotax engines, written by CPS President Mike Stratman for the purpose of assisting our customers. Be aware that older articles may have information that has since been updated.
Technical articles from Muroc EAA Chapter 1000 The following are technical articles that have appeared in The Leading Edge, newsletter of Chapter 1000. Except where noted, these articles are the original work of members of Chapter 1000 of Experimental Aircraft Assosiation.
Tecnam Aircraft USA Tecnam Aircraft, the exclusive US importer and distributor for Tecnam Aircraft of Italy, is pleased to announce the arrival of a Tecnam Sierra S-LSA for delivery to its' new owner in America. See
Teenie Aircraft Construction Gallery This website is here to help support a group of Experimental Aircraft builders, specifically those building (or dreaming of building) a Teenie II.
Teenie Two Owners Club For the discussion of the Teenie Aircraft. Owners and interested parties are all welcome to exchange ideas or just chat.
Telex Aircraft Products The Telex line covers everything required for pilot communications, including headsets, headphones, microphones and intercoms.
Tennessee Propellers Inc Tennessee Propellers Inc. manufactures wooden propeller for ultralight and microlight aircraft. They are also the world distributor for Zenoah two cycle engines.
Texas Flyer Tales of flying ultralights around the great state of Texas! Many fine pictures.
The Aviation Home Page Links to many aviation sites, also ultralight sites.
The Early Birds of Aviation An organization of pioneers who flew solo before December 17, 1916 -
The Falco From the day it first flew in 1955, the Falco has been called "the Ferrari of the air". This Italian design is sleek, strong, agile and fast. There are two seats. Control sticks. A bubble canopy for all-around visibility. It's an outstanding cross-country plane, with thousand-mile range and full IFR capability. And fast. A few examples have even topped 230 mph--on the standard 160 hp engine.
The Festival, manufactured by SC Aerostar S.A. of Romania The Festival, manufactured by SC Aerostar S.A. of Romania, is a ready-to-fly, FAA certified, Special Light Sport Aircraft S-LSA, and has been designed with one idea in mind: To create an affordable airplane which is safe, simple, and easy to inspect, maintain and operate.
The Ninety-Nines The Ninety-Nines, Inc., is an international organization of licensed women pilots from 35 countries - we currently have over 6,000 members throughout the world.
The Ultralight Experience This site simply documents, in 36 pages of photographs and words, many of the experiences I had while building and flying a Quicksilver MX back in the mid 1980's.
The Ultralight Place Rotax Repair Station. They offer Powered Parachute sales and A&P service for all types of ultralight aircraft along with flight training and introductory flights both in fixed wing ultralights and powered parachutes.
The Unofficial Fly Baby Home Page You will additionally find a lot of interesting information on this homepage about almost everything related to aviation stuff.
Thirty Thousand Feet Aviation Directory The THIRTY THOUSAND FEET Aviation Directory lists web pages, aviation news, FAQs, newsgroups, and other links to sources of aviation information.
Thunderbird Aviation Manufacturer of the Hiperlight Single Place SNS-8 and the Two Place SNS-9.
Tiger Cub Manufacturer of the TigerCub UL single place and the Tiger Cub Sport 2 side-by-side twoplace highwinged using Rotax engines.
Tiger Cub UL Welcome to the Tiger Cub UL ultralight builder's group. My name is Max Rentz, and my nickname is "BlueMax".
TinyTach Tiny-Tach is the orginial manufacturer of the Tiny-Tach gasoline tachometer. In addition to the original, which we now call our Standard model, we make the Commercial and Diesel Tiny-Tachs. And if you need, we can customize a Tiny-Tach for most engines.
Titan Aircraft Light Sport Aircraft (LSA) version available of T-51 Mustang, Tornado I, Tornado II, Tornado 912, Tornado S and Tornado SS.
Tom Rock's Ultralight Flight Training Tom Rock's Ultralight Flight Training. Learn to fly, Live the dream, Spread your wings in an Ultralight! Minutes from Saint Petersburg, Tampa and Sarasota! Earn your FAA Sports Pilot License while enjoying the beautiful Florida West Coast! Welcome to Worldwide Aviation Portal with hundreds of links to web pages, aviation news, and other sources of commercial, military aircrafts, and general aviation.
Trike Flying in Alaska Weight Shift CFI training in Alaska and elsewhere. AirBorne Australia dealer. Adventure flying with Trans-Alaska treks. Ski training and endorsement. Class D training and endorsement. Complete Sport Pilot training for weight shift, learn to fly a trike.
Trike Owners The trike list will be for discussion of all topics relating to ultralight and microlight trikes Links to many sites about trikes and flexwings.
TrikeBuggy The TrikeBuggy gives you three ways to play - as a powered paraglider trike, a delta hang glider trike and when it gets too windy as a kite buggy. This is a simple ultralight aircraft that allows the user to adapt the buggy to their preferred use.
Trikepilot Social Ultralight, Microlight, and LSA Trike Flying Videos, Photos, and How-To information submitted by ALL members of the Trike community. A place for everyone from around the world to congregate and share their passion for Trike flying adventures! Is it possible for a human to experience the three-dimensional freedom of birds?" - Ask a Trike Pilot and see what they say. "The most fun you can have with your clothes on!"
Trio Avionics Trio Avionics designs and manufactures autopilot and altitudehold products engineered for outstanding performance, while keeping them attractively priced for the homebuilt / experimental aircraft market.
Tri-State Mark Smith Mark Smith has been in the ultralight aircraft business more than 20 years and offers sales, service, and training on the Quicksilver type of airplanes.
TruTrak Flight Systems A whole family of Autopilots and bank angle gyros (artifical horizon) in many combinations including GPS
Turbo Discovery Get a feel for the skill and knowledge required to fly a plane.
U.S. Centennial of Flight Commission "Born of dreams. Inspired by freedom. These words lie at the heart of the U.S. Centennial of Flight Commission's outreach efforts.
U.S.Pacific Home of the Mitchell Wing Ultralights. - U.S. Pacific was founded in 1987 by world-famed aeronautical engineer/designer Don Mitchell and Richard Avalon, the current owner of the company. Don and Richard worked together at Mitchell Aircraft Corporation from 1977 through 1983. Don passed away in 1991 leaving the designs and manufacturing rights for the Mitchell Wing Models B-10, U-2 and the P-38 to Richard.
UAV An unmanned, aerial vehicle (UAV) is an unpiloted aircraft. UAVs can be remote controlled or fly autonomously based on pre-programmed flight plans or more complex dynamic automation systems.
U-Fly-It U-FLY-IT Ultralights, Ltd. provides ultralight and light sport aircraft sales, flight instruction and assembly. We are factory authorized representatives for Challenger and Quicksilver aircraft and we can build your Challenger or Quicksilver aircraft for free.
U Fly Trikes, Inc. AirBorne trike dealer and training center located in Minnesota.
UltraFlight Radio UltraFlight Radio discusses fixed wing, rotorcraft, powered parachutes, hang gliders, powered paragliders and more. If you are flying or have always dreamed of flying, this is the show for you.
Ultralight Aircraft Rotax Sales Ebay Store I am a certified ROTAX service center, and A&P, I buy and sell Rotax parts new and used. I specialize in good used ROTAX 2 cycle engines of all kinds for ULTRALIGHT
Ultralight Aircraftlinks at CBEL Links to many ultralight sites, most in the USA.
Ultralight Airplanes It is your introduction and start up resource for getting a pilot's license and owning your own aircraft. I will share with you the results of our researches and give you ideas - how to know more, where and what to buy, at what prices, how to protect yourself from pitfalls and how to experience the best of the flying.
Ultralight Airplanes - Affordable, Fun and Adventure We have created this guide to help you know more about the ultralight airplanes.
Ultralight Crashes A number of movies you certainly can learn from.
Ultralight Home Page A friendly and nice site to the Ultralight World
UltralightFlying Monthly Magazine for Enthusiasts of Ultralights. Welcome to your soon to be one-stop destination for information and resources on the ultralight, sport pilot/air, and experimental aircraft industries!
UltralightSite Our goal is provide ultralight and lightsport aircraft enthusiasts with the most comprehensive database of ultralight and light sport aircraft data.
Ultrasport Helicopter The Ultrasport has been recognized as the most technologically advanced rotorcraft, as stated by U.S. Aviator Magazine in his article in the Sept. 1995 issued.
UMA Instruments Through the years UMA's aircraft instrumentation sales have grown to represent 75% of total sales.
US Airshows 2008 Airshows in the USA in 2008.
Used Ultralight Planes For Sale Daily updated used ultralight motorized gliders & ultralight planes for sale. You'll find a wide variety of motorized gliders, ultralight planes, & helicopters.
USUA United State Ultralight Association
Valley Engineering Big Twin Two-cycle Alternative. 38 HP @ 3600 rpm (peak) 32 HP (continuous ) 112 lbs COMPLETE (Fan Cooled, 1.98 to 1 PSRU, 70" X 40" prop. 250 lbs static thrust.) - *COMPLETE means dry weght, 20 amp alternator, starter, oil cooler, oil filter AND prop. In other words... READY TO FLY!!
Vertex Standard Vertex Standard is a significant player in the aviation communication world, including a new range of transceivers, including the VXA-220 Pro IV with 8,33 kHz channelspacing.
VG's on NASA The wind tunnel tests showed that Micro VGs dramatically enhanced performance on aircraft resulting in a 10% increase in lift, 50% decrease in drag, and a 100% increase in lift-to-drag ratio.
Volksplane from Evans Aircraft Company The VP-1, a single seater low wing aircraft with 30 years of history, is perhaps the simplest, least expensive wood aircraft you can build. Today there is a VP flying in practically every country on the globe.
VULA - Vintage Ultralight & Lightplane Association What began as the VINTAGE ULTRALIGHT REGISTRY has become the "VINTAGE ULTRALIGHT ASSOCIATION".
Wag-Aero US Currently we have over 350,000 customers on our active mailing list. Over 2 million catalogs and flyers are mailed each year. Wag-Aero sales are about 40% mail orders, 58% phone orders and 2% over-the-counter.
Wankel Rotary Combustion Engines for Aircraft All about Wankel Rotary Combustion Engines - This site is in its 5th year on the Web.
Warp Drive Carbon Fiber Composite Propellers We are dealers for Warp Drive carbon fiber propellers and offer factory-direct pricing to our customers.
Weedhopper USA Weedhopper was started by John Chotia in 1978 and still going strong. Buildingtime 8-12 hours.
Westberg Mfg. Inc Sport Aviation Fly with Westach aircraft style instruments. These specially constructed instruments offer accuracy and durability in a lightweight (3.5oz) package. Perfect for home-built and custom applications. Many are T.S.O. approved.
WeTTrike The WeTTrike program was started in October 1999. The company unveiled the amphibious ultralight at Sun-N-Fun 2001, where it won the award for ultralight innovation.
What is a stall? In reality, a stall is nothing more than the ultralight trying to do "the right thing". See the animation.
WheelsUp Experimental Aircraft Community Lots of forums and blogs for the experimental flying community. Take a look - you will probably also find a group of your interest.
Whelen Aviation Division Light Emitting Diode's continue to be the focus of our engineering effort, LED's have finally energized the Aviation community and change is here in beacons, strobes, positionlight and landinglight.
Whirl Wind Propellers Whirl Wind offers a complete line of composite constant speed propellers for the most popular kitplanes with engines like Rotax 912 and 914.
Whittsflying 111 chapters covering everything to be said about flying. Also IFR.
Wicks Aircraft Supply We are proud to be able to offer our products, efficient processing and fast delivery of your order via the World Wide Web.
Wild Blue Yonder Teaches trike flying. Currently teaching at Amigos del Cielo (NM90) in Rodeo, NM.
Winds & Wings Beautiful pictures, beautiful and smart site, also about trike flying.
Wings of Discovery The book Wings of Discovery offers a glimpse into the life of a man who struggles to overcome the fear of flying.
Winpilot Check out our revolutionary WinPilot 3D!
Women-In-Aviation Resource Center Over 499 educational, historical, and networking resources to empower women in all aspects of aviation
World Aero Data This database contains detailed, aeronautical information on nearly 10,000 airports and over 11,000 navaids worldwide.
Wrong Brothers Aviation Seat of your pants training in a Challenger II ultralight trainer - a 75 minutes DVD
WWW Virtual Library Embry-Riddle Aeronautical University. 1819 links. 69 publications and much more. You can always learn more.
X-Air Aircraft Carolina Sport Planes offers all models of the popular X-Air aircraft for sale.
X-air Australia Lots of information on X-Air's as well as several other types of aircraft.
X-Air Yahoo Group A forum for X-air aircraft of all types.
Xcom Avionics Manufactures extremely small transceivers and intercoms for aviation.
Yahoo Groups Aviation Groups hosted by Yahoo.
You Can't Build an Airplane Without Nuts and Bolts Bolt Selection and Use Tips.
ZAON Flight Systems. Traffic Solutions for General Aviation. Only PCAS Portable Collision Avoidance Systems offer real solutions for real pilots. XRX is the only portable device to offer 360 direction. MRX is the smallest, most accurate traffic alerter at the lowest cost. PCAS the best-selling traffic choice for GA.
Zenair CH701 Group. This group is for sharing information and pictures of the Zenith CH701 STOL (short take off landing) airplane. This group is mainly for those building the airplane from plans, but kit builders ARE WELCOME too.
Zenith Aircraft Company Manufacturer of the CH601 Series of low winged aircrafts, the CH701 STOL UL Bush Plane and the CH801 4-seater aircraft.
Zenoah Engines Tennessee Propellers Inc is the world distributor of Zenoah Engines.