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  • A/W95 - Vortech's set of plans for the homebuilt helicopter, the Adams-Wilson Choppy. ( Hits: 1691, more)
  • AC 90-89A Amateur-built Aircraft & Ultralight Flight Testing - PDF file. AMATEUR-BUILT AIRCRAFT AND ULTRALIGHT FLIGHT TESTING HANDBOOK. ( Hits: 3356, more)
  • Advanced Flight Systems Inc. - Manufactures engine and multifunction aircraft monitoring systems. ( Hits: 1585, more)
  • Aero Conversions Inc. - Aero Conversions is a product line of Sonex aircraft offering volkswagen conversion engines and VW engine accessories as well as Sonex aircraft options. ( Hits: 1617, more)
  • Air Tech Coating Inc. - Air-tech makes aviation paints suitable for fabric coverings. ( Hits: 1597, more)
  • Aircraft Design & Construction College - Zenith Aircraft Company's Chris Heinz offers a series of how-to articles about how to design an aircraft. ( Hits: 1721, more)
  • Aircraft Exhaust Inc. - Supplier of aircraft exhaust components and services. ( Hits: 1606, more)
  • Airdale Flyer Company - Sells New and Used Avid Parts as well as the Comet 21 "Cessna 150 clone" aircraft. ( Hits: 1616, more)
  • Airdrome Aeroplanes USA - Airdrome Airplanes features 75% and full-scale scale flying replica kits. ( Hits: 1773, more)
  • Airmaster - Makes variable pitch constant speed propellers for light aircraft. ( Hits: 1574, more)
  • Alaskan Bushwheel - Makes and sells wheels, tires, and tail wheels assemblies. ( Hits: 1578, more)
  • AoA by Dynon - Dynon Avionics offers this low cost angle of attack system using no moving parts. ( Hits: 1687, more)
  • AR-5 and AR-6 - Mike Arnold's 65 horsepower speedster, the AR-5 and also the AR-6. ( Hits: 1682, more)
  • Arrowprop - Arrowprop manufacturers wood and composite Aircraft Propellers. ( Hits: 1503, more)
  • BD-17 Nugget - Information about the BD-17 Nugget single place experimental aircraft. ( Hits: 1728, more)
  • Bill Hammond's Kitfox Series 6 Project - N913KF - My name is Bill Hammond. I am publishing this site to chronicle my progress as I attempt to build my own aircraft. The site will grow and the links expand along with the project. This site will serve as a record of construction and a forum to express my o ( Hits: 1528, more)
  • Biplane Forum - Talk about everything Biplane. ( Hits: 4332, more)
  • Bourke Engine - The Bourke Engine is Public Domain engine that you can build yourself. It is a ported valve, two cylinder, 1 stroke cycle, horizontally opposed piston engine. Free Animation of how the Bourke Engine works! ( Hits: 1463, more)
  • Brolga Propellers by Aerofibre - High performance Ultra-Prop blades are available for larger, faster, higher horsepower ultralights and experimentals. The "Brolga" blades are manufactured in Australia by Aerofibre Industries. Works on the 447 through 912 Rotax engines. ( Hits: 1622, more)
  • Catto Propellers - Makes propellers for applications from a 1 horsepower electric motor up to a turbo charged 350 horsepower IO-540. ( Hits: 1627, more)
  • CH 701 Builder Installs Turbo Rotax 914 - Here's an update on the engine change made in my STOL CH 701, with the Rotax 914 (101 hp) replacing the Rotax 582 (65 hp) and the associated performance. ( Hits: 1694, more)
  • CH-601.org - A portal for builders and pilots of the 601 series of low-winged aircraft designed by Chris Heintz. ( Hits: 1502, more)
  • CH-701 CH-801 - A portal for builders and pilots of the STOL CH701 and CH801 aircraft designed by Chris Heintz. ( Hits: 1588, more)
  • Chris Heintz Design College - Aeronautical engineer Chris Heintz details how you can design your own aircraft. Very great site. ( Hits: 1547, more)
  • Contact Magazine - Experimental Aircraft and Powerplant Newsforum for Designers and Builders. ( Hits: 1560, more)
  • Corvair Engines - Converted Corvair engines are heavy but none the less they are being used on Zenair 601s and 701s as well as Sonex and other experimental aircraft. ( Hits: 1496, more)
  • CreativeAir - Offers products for experimental aircraft including wig-wag flashers, LED nav lights, strobe lights, vents, accessories, and tools. ( Hits: 1569, more)
  • Cubcrafters - Piper Aircraft stopped production of the venerable PA-18 Super Cub during the late 80s/early 90s and over the years CubCrafters has refined and improved its rebuilding and modification process to the point where it was literally building new airplanes, th ( Hits: 1433, more)
  • Dan's RV Project - How Dan built a Van's RV-7, a two-place side-by-side experimental kit plane manufactured by Van's Aircraft. A great site, take a look. ( Hits: 1471, more)
  • DeltaHawk Engines - Offers two stroke diesel engines in the 160 to 200 horsepower range. ( Hits: 1445, more)
  • Don's Zodiac 601 HDS Project - Don't experience building the Zodiac 601 HDS from the Zenith. ( Hits: 1463, more)
  • Dynon Avionics - Dynon provides instruments such as the EFIS-D10 series, integrating 10 instruments into one solid-state device. ( Hits: 1421, more)
  • EAA Homebuilders Center - Covers an expansive area of aviation from how to decide what you want through building or buying it to flying the aircraft. Requires membership (highly recommended) to access this section of the website. ( Hits: 1714, more)
  • s6s.org - My Rans Super Six Coyote II - This site was created to document my progress on the construction and assembly process of the future Amateur Homebuilt Experimental Aircraft N107KW, a Rans, Inc. model S-6S (Super Six) Coyote II Taildragger. Lots of nice pictures. ( Hits: 1453, more)
  • Savannah Owners - Welcome to Savannah aircraft!!! This is an active resource group for Savannah owners, builders,prospective buyers and experimental aircraft fans. ( Hits: 1535, more)
  • Teenie Aircraft Construction Gallery - This website is here to help support a group of Experimental Aircraft builders, specifically those building (or dreaming of building) a Teenie II. ( Hits: 1501, more)
  • Trio Avionics - Trio Avionics designs and manufactures autopilot and altitudehold products engineered for outstanding performance, while keeping them attractively priced for the homebuilt / experimental aircraft market. ( Hits: 1867, more)
  • U-Fly-It - U-FLY-IT Ultralights, Ltd. provides ultralight and light sport aircraft sales, flight instruction and assembly. We are factory authorized representatives for Challenger and Quicksilver aircraft and we can build your Challenger or Quicksilver aircraft for ( Hits: 1449, more)
  • WheelsUp Experimental Aircraft Community - Lots of forums and blogs for the experimental flying community. Take a look - you will probably also find a group of your interest. ( Hits: 1453, more)
  • Zenair CH701 Group. - This group is for sharing information and pictures of the Zenith CH701 STOL (short take off landing) airplane. This group is mainly for those building the airplane from plans, but kit builders ARE WELCOME too. ( Hits: 1486, more)
  • Zenith Aircraft Company - Manufacturer of the CH601 Series of low winged aircrafts, the CH701 STOL UL Bush Plane and the CH801 4-seater aircraft. ( Hits: 1416, more)
  • A CH-701 Project - My name is Bill Mileski, I live in Rhode Island and this is how I built my CH-701. ( Hits: 1471, more)
  • AeroElectric Connection - Free information and for fee products from AeroElectric Connection. ( Hits: 1360, more)
  • Aeroflash Signal - Aeroflash Signal manufactures strobe warning and navigation lights for aircraft. ( Hits: 1272, more)
  • Bearhawk Group - Bearhawk Forum offering a great deal of information on the Bearhawk aircraft. ( Hits: 1229, more)
  • Bill's RV Helps and Tips Pages - Lots of RV info and pictures plus info on Dynon EFIS and Autopilot systems plus much, much more. Nice site. ( Hits: 2071, more)
  • Blue Mountain Avionics - Offers EFIS systems. ( Hits: 1123, more)
  • Breezy by Aircraft Spruce - Designed by Carl Unger the Breezy was first introduced in 1965 and hailed as one of the most distinctive and unusual homebuilt designs to ever attend an EAA Fly-in. ( Hits: 1424, more)
  • Builders projects on Zenith Aircraft - Following are some links to Zenith Aircraft builder web sites. Many of these sites provide excellent details and resources on building a Zenith Aircraft kit. ( Hits: 1153, more)
  • CH-701 Group - Zenith CH-701 Forum offering a great deal of information on the CH-701 aircraft. ( Hits: 1100, more)
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