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Newly added links
  • How Airplanes Fly - How Airplanes Fly: A Physical Description of Lift, Level 3 ( Hits: 1934, more)
  • Physics Calculators - Calculate acceleration, deceleration, force, friction, gravity, etc. ( Hits: 2035, more)
  • The Physics of Flight (Newton and Bernoulli) - Flight the way Newton explained it. ( Hits: 2061, more)
  • JACO The Science Behind Paper Airplanes - How to fold and fly a paper airplane presented by JACO. ( Hits: 2064, more)
  • The Basics of Flight - How flying works. Nicely done. ( Hits: 2076, more)
  • Smithsonian National Air and Space Museum - Smithsonian National Air and Space Museum. ( Hits: 2097, more)
  • Air Care Alliance - Only complete list and referral source for all known volunteer pilot and volunteer based charitable public benefit flying organizations. ( Hits: 917, more)
  • History of the Airplane - History of the Airplane: Wright Brothers Aeroplane Co. ( Hits: 1411, more)
  • How Aircraft Carriers Work - How Aircraft Carriers Work ( Hits: 1975, more)
  • American Aero - American Aero makes the two place Phoenix II aircraft. It is basically an aerobatic-capable clone of the Quicksilver IIS with a Rotax 582 engine and semi-enclosed cockpit. ( Hits: 1778, more)
  • Wings Forum for Just Aircraft - A support forum mainly for Just Aircraft's Highlander and Escapade line of STOL aircraft. Although these aircraft are basically knockoffs of aircraft like the J3 Cub, they are also very much different in the sense that they are side by side seating and ha ( Hits: 7049, more)
  • Bill's RV Helps and Tips Pages - Lots of RV info and pictures plus info on Dynon EFIS and Autopilot systems plus much, much more. Nice site. ( Hits: 1689, more)
  • Kathleens RV7 Builders Site - A woman building a Vans RV-7a (no mentor or helper) provides a detailed step by step pictorial of her building experiences. ( Hits: 1271, more)
  • Pilotmix - Pilotmix was created to catalog ultralight aircraft and links to ultralight resources. ( Hits: 1272, more)
  • Kitplanes Magazine and Database - One of the most valued magazines available concerning aviation. Subscribers get free access to their extensive database of aircraft. They cover virtually all classes of aircraft from General Aviation to Ultralights. ( Hits: 1272, more)
  • Just Aircraft in Walhalla, SC - Makes the Highlander and Escapade line of aircraft. They are EAB aircraft that meet the requirements of Light Sport; stall at 27 mph; carry 700 pounds; cruise at about 100 mph. Perhaps you have seen the YouTube video of the Highlander doing a dead stick T ( Hits: 1272, more)
  • Raceair Designs - Ed Fisher offers three aircraft models, the Skylite, the Mong, and the Flitplane. Some are plans only and some are available as a kit. ( Hits: 1273, more)
  • FlyRotary - Wankel - Provides a wealth of information on installation and use of Rotary (Wankel) engines in aircraft. ( Hits: 1273, more)
  • Kennon Aircraft Covers - Kennon Aircraft Covers manufactures protective covers, sun shields, and heat screens for general aviation, business aviation and military aviation air planes and helicopters. ( Hits: 1274, more)
  • Jeppesen - Makes airway manuals, charts, NOTAMs, alerts, bulletins, airfield and aircraft checklists, weather maps, GPS and VFR data and charts, FAA test preps and much more. ( Hits: 1274, more)
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