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Updated links
  • RV-12iS LSA - The RV-12iS is Van's newest RV-12 design. It is intended to meet the standards of the new Light Sport Category. It's a two-seat all-metal side-by-side airplane with a steel leaf tricycle landing gear. ( Hits: 1476, more)
  • Antares Trikes - Alaska-based trike builder offering single and two place models. ( Hits: 2802, more)
  • Aero Technical Institute - Associated with Lockwood Aviation Supply in Sebring, Florida, Aero Technical Institute specializes in Rotax Aircraft Engine Maintenance Training. ( Hits: 3000, more)
  • Smithsonian National Air and Space Museum - Smithsonian National Air and Space Museum. ( Hits: 3008, more)
  • AC 90-89A Amateur-built Aircraft & Ultralight Flight Testing - PDF file. AMATEUR-BUILT AIRCRAFT AND ULTRALIGHT FLIGHT TESTING HANDBOOK. ( Hits: 3356, more)
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