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Our friends over at CompuDirect of Myrtle Beach have done it again. They have taken their PrinterMalls Store to the next level.

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American Aero Phoenix II airplane, now converted to E-LSA, light sport airplane with tall number N12UL. To see pictures of the Phoenix II as it was in 2006, click here.

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Phoenix II Aircraft by American Aero

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Updated August 2017

We have been keeping you informed about corrupt computer sales and service centers on the Grand Strand for years. Here is another piece of news for you:

New: August 2015, Just Ask Hal owner was arrested again for the THIRD time - ARREST REPORT!

Henry Prickett Jr., owner and operator of Just Ask Hal, a computer repair business in North Myrtle Beach, was arrested today on one count of operating a business without a valid retail license, according to the S.C. Department of Revenue.

In January 2015, the sales tax license for HDP Enterprises Inc, d/b/a Just Ask Hal, was revoked for failure to file sales tax returns and pay monies due.

Just Ask Hal

owner, Henry Prickett Jr. was arrested on April 18, 2014 on sales tax charges. He allegedly failed to file sales tax returns and pay taxes that were due. The company's sales tax license was revoked in July 2012 according to a news release by the SC Departmet of Revenue. That did't stop Prickett who is accused of continuing to operate the business without a license and making tons of money in the process. See the arrest record of Henry Prickett of Just Ask Hal here.

Seaside Computers and Computer Inferno

are opening more stores in the local area under different names like Computers Direct which is a known Seaside Store?



is not Computers Direct. CompuDirect has been in business since 1982 and is BBB rated A+. Computer Direct is just the old Seaside Computers at it again.

Just like Seaside, Computers Direct has BBB rating of F. Check it here. Look at this ripoff report. Or how about this.

Want more? Computers and Pawn is another Seaside Store with a F rating. How about Surfside Computers with a F rating.

Read about it here.

Robert James Hussey

, WAS ARRESTED AGAIN. Read article 11 for more information.

See our news link for more information

Seaside Computer / Computer Inferno company owner, Robert James Hussey, sued by Microsoft for software piracy! See news article number 10 for more information.

Seaside Computer / Computer Inferno company owner, Robert James Hussey, arrested! See news article number 8 and article 9 for more information.

News 13 has been investigating Seaside Computers and Computer Inferno now for months. View their article online now.

Grand Strand computer company probed:

"Nearly 100 complaints filed with the Better Business Bureau against a local computer sales and repair business have prompted a criminal investigation by Horry County Solicitor Greg Hembree..."

Read more about Seaside Computers and Computer Inferno on this page.

For instance, did you know that:

"Horry County records show that Seaside Computers has been in civil court as a defendant 26 times since 2002. There are four additional civil suits filed against the company's registered agent, Mark White. Records also show that six cases have gone on to circuit court. The company has been in business since 2001.

Hembree said his office has received complaints from the magistrate courts, and the Better Business Bureau and others have come directly to his office.

"The challenge that we have in any sort of consumer-related problem is that there is sometimes quite a fine line between what is civil liability and criminal liability," Hembree said. "The penalties are drastically different." ..."

This is an important issue for the people in the Myrtle Beach area and along the Grand Strand. If you live in Myrtle Beach, Garden City, Surfside Beach, Socastee, Murrells Inlet, Conway, Loris, North Myrtle Beach, Longs, Georgetown, or any of the other area in Horry and Georgetown counties or Brunswick County in North Carolina, be sure to follow this important news item here.


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