Below are pictures and Windows Media File movie files that I took while at Southern Kartway in Loris, SC on 9-1-2007.
A trip there is very much recommended! The WMV files are little movies that should open with Windows Media Player.
To see a YouTube video of this event go here.

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[VID]SoutherKartway1.wmv2007-09-03 21:12 3.9M 
[IMG]car_about_to_be_weighed.JPG2007-09-02 14:47 2.0M 
[IMG]down_just_one_row_of_several.JPG2007-09-02 14:47 1.8M 
[VID]qualifying_runs.wmv2007-09-03 21:53 1.2M 
[IMG]someone_getting_ready.JPG2007-09-02 14:47 1.8M 
[IMG]someone_getting_ready_closeup.JPG2007-09-02 14:47 1.5M 
[VID]tiny_kids_racing.wmv2007-09-03 21:53 3.8M 
[IMG]weighed_now_moving_off.JPG2007-09-02 14:48 1.7M 

All Known Local Tracks in the vicinity of Tabor City, NC and Loris, SC:

4-way Kartway (Rumor has it that this track is for sale. I heard $75K. Not sure.)
Loris, SC
4100 Hwy. 366
Loris, SC 29569
Gate Fee:
$7.00 General Admission
Contact: Horace Faircloth (843)756-9902

Myrtle Beach MX (Now closed.)
Contact: James Moore at (843)446-3720


Southern Kartway Inc.

1070 Hulls Island Road
Loris, SC

No website.
Gates open at 12, Open Practice at 4, Qualifying and Racing to Follow
Practicing on Thursday night from 6-9
Gate Fee:
$10.00 Adults (13 & Up)
$5 Kids (7-12)6 & under free
Seniors and Handicap free
Military and Retirees??
Danny at (843)756-1872
Fran at (843) 446-6732

Conway Speedway:

2583 Nixon Ave.
Conway, SC 29527
Gate Fee:
$7.00 General Admission
$5.00 12 and under
3 and under is Free
Contact: Ricky Howell (843) 446-9353
or Nick Holt (843) 995-3178


Tarheel Speedway
271 Victory Lane (at Hwy 87/Hwy 20 intersection)
Tarheel, N.C.
Schedule: Call
Gate Fee:
$8 General Admission
Contact: e-mail
Other: Tune radio to 91.5 FM



Lake City Speedway

2828 Green Rd
Cades SC
4 Miles from the town of Lake City

Gate Fee:
Call Ronnie 843-312-7943 or 843 343-0069