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  • Aero Adventure - Aero Adventure manufactures the Aventura line of experimental and ultralight amphibious kitplane aircraft. “Don’t waste money at Disney, come flying/boating with us.” ( Hits: 1247, more)
  • Aero Technical Institute - Associated with Lockwood Aviation Supply in Sebring, Florida, Aero Technical Institute specializes in Rotax Aircraft Engine Maintenance Training. ( Hits: 3000, more)
  • Air-Tech Inc. - Established in 1977, Air-Tech, Inc. is a large reseller of ultralight aircraft, replacement parts, accessories, and service. ( Hits: 1321, more)
  • Antares Trikes - Alaska-based trike builder offering single and two place models. ( Hits: 2802, more)
  • Bing Carbs - Authorized dealer for Bing International for North America, South America and Australia. ( Hits: 1187, more)
  • BRS Parachutes - BRS Inc., manufactures and markets a ballistic parachute system that lowers aircraft to the ground in the event of an in-air emergency. ( Hits: 1181, more)
  • Buckeye Dragonfly - FAR 103 4-stroke powered parachute powered by a Generac or Honda engine. ( Hits: 1333, more)
  • Building Challenger II - Jim's detailed assembly log of him building his Challenger II N333JN. Lots of pictures and information. ( Hits: 1189, more)
  • Canyonland Flyers - Canyonland Flyers is a year around training center devoted to extensive ultralight trike training. We're located in beautiful Southwestern Utah better known as the color country. ( Hits: 3760, more)
  • CGS Hawk - When the CGS Hawk debuted in 1982, it was the first fully enclosed ultralight. It was also the first ultralight to use full strut bracing and incorporated full 3 axis controls (including conventional steerable nose or tail wheel). The CGS Hawk was also ( Hits: 1457, more)
  • Cluster Ballooning - Flying with clusters of balloons! ( Hits: 1157, more)
  • COLIBRI Diploma - In the sport of microlight [ultralight] flying, the Colibri Diploma is the highest, most prestigious award in the world. ( Hits: 1299, more)
  • Comtronics Engineering - On-line source for airplane and ultralight accessories: Helmets - Headsets - Intercoms - Patch Cords - Goggles - Accessories ( Hits: 1189, more)
  • CPS - California Power Systems - A large supplier of ultralight parts including Rotax engines. Offers many technical articles online and in their catalog about how to maintain engines and general information. ( Hits: 1148, more)
  • Culverprops - Valley Engineering and Culver Propellers specialize in giving you the very best in speed reduction units for the VW engine and custom made propellers for your ultralight aircraft. Visit the great prop pitch calculator. Also offers the Part 103 Backyard Fl ( Hits: 1118, more)
  • Cumulus - The CUMULUS is an Ultralight motorglider that meets Part 103 rules. ( Hits: 1202, more)
  • Dean's Blue Jay 7 Weedhopper - His Weedhopper Aircraft as well as his Aircraft Super Calculator (fantastic!), ASI calibration calc and a description of how to build a high performance antenna and more interesting things. Bookmark this site! ( Hits: 1285, more)
  • Doug's Ultra-Piet - The Ultra-Piet is a single seat ultralight replica of the popular Pietenpol Aircamper, a small homebuilt designed in 1929. ( Hits: 1136, more)
  • Earthstar Aircraft - Earthstar makes ultralight and light sport aircraft - the Thunder Gull 2000 and Odyssey models. Available as a kit or ready to fly. ( Hits: 1766, more)
  • N3-Pup, The Super Pup, Ultra Pup - If you think an ultralight looks like a cross between a lawn chair and a kite and sounds like a chain saw!....take a look at Preceptor.... ( Hits: 3853, more)
  • Phantom Aircraft Company - Phantom, simply the best and simplest UL aircraft to build. Tested to +9,5and -6,4G. Folding wings is option ( Hits: 1486, more)
  • Pipistrel USA - The Pipistrel Sinus and Virus are the world's first Ultralight Certified composite two-seater motorgliders. Made from the same JAR 22 long life composite materials. ( Hits: 1155, more)
  • SeaMax USA - SeaMax Distributor for North America. SeaMax is the ultimate ultralight amphibian manufactured in Brazil by Airmax. ( Hits: 3942, more)
  • Sport Flight Aviation - Build your own tandem pusher ultralight plane. ( Hits: 1226, more)
  • Texas Flyer - Tales of flying ultralights around the great state of Texas! Many fine pictures. ( Hits: 1132, more)
  • The Ultralight Experience - This site simply documents, in 36 pages of photographs and words, many of the experiences I had while building and flying a Quicksilver MX back in the mid 1980's. ( Hits: 1124, more)
  • The Ultralight Place - Rotax Repair Station. They offer Powered Parachute sales and A&P service for all types of ultralight aircraft along with flight training and introductory flights both in fixed wing ultralights and powered parachutes. ( Hits: 1130, more)
  • Tiger Cub - Manufacturer of the TigerCub UL single place and the Tiger Cub Sport 2 side-by-side twoplace highwinged using Rotax engines. ( Hits: 1666, more)
  • Tiger Cub UL - Welcome to the Tiger Cub UL ultralight builder's group. My name is Max Rentz, and my nickname is "BlueMax". ( Hits: 1342, more)
  • Tom Rock's Ultralight Flight Training - Tom Rock's Ultralight Flight Training. Learn to fly, Live the dream, Spread your wings in an Ultralight! Minutes from Saint Petersburg, Tampa and Sarasota! Earn your FAA Sports Pilot License while enjoying the beautiful Florida West Coast! ( Hits: 1330, more)
  • Tri-State Mark Smith - Mark Smith has been in the ultralight aircraft business more than 20 years and offers sales, service, and training on the Quicksilver type of airplanes. ( Hits: 1175, more)
  • Trikepilot.com - Is it possible for a human to experience the three-dimensional freedom of birds?" - Ask a Trike Pilot and see what they say. "The most fun you can have with your clothes on!" ( Hits: 1272, more)
  • UltraFlight Radio - UltraFlight Radio discusses fixed wing, rotorcraft, powered parachutes, hang gliders, powered paragliders and more. If you are flying or have always dreamed of flying, this is the show for you. ( Hits: 1138, more)
  • Ultralight Aircraft Rotax Sales Ebay Store - I am a certified ROTAX service center, and A&P, I buy and sell Rotax parts new and used. I specialize in good used ROTAX 2 cycle engines of all kinds for ULTRALIGHT ( Hits: 1164, more)
  • Ultralight Aircraftlinks at CBEL - Links to many ultralight sites, most in the USA. ( Hits: 1674, more)
  • Ultralight Airplanes - It is your introduction and start up resource for getting a pilot's license and owning your own aircraft. I will share with you the results of our researches and give you ideas - how to know more, where and what to buy, at what prices, how to protect your ( Hits: 1149, more)
  • Ultralight Airplanes - Affordable, Fun and Adventure - We have created this guide to help you know more about the ultralight airplanes. ( Hits: 2119, more)
  • Ultralight Crashes - A number of movies you certainly can learn from. ( Hits: 1237, more)
  • Ultralight Home Page - A friendly and nice site to the Ultralight World ( Hits: 1115, more)
  • UltralightFlying - Monthly Magazine for Enthusiasts of Ultralights. ( Hits: 1112, more)
  • Used Ultralight Planes For Sale - Daily updated used ultralight motorized gliders & ultralight planes for sale. You'll find a wide variety of motorized gliders, ultralight planes, & helicopters. ( Hits: 1800, more)
  • USUA - United State Ultralight Association ( Hits: 1115, more)
  • VULA - Vintage Ultralight & Lightplane Association - What began as the VINTAGE ULTRALIGHT REGISTRY has become the "VINTAGE ULTRALIGHT ASSOCIATION". ( Hits: 1145, more)
  • WeTTrike - The WeTTrike program was started in October 1999. The company unveiled the amphibious ultralight at Sun-N-Fun 2001, where it won the award for ultralight innovation. ( Hits: 1169, more)
  • What is a stall? - In reality, a stall is nothing more than the ultralight trying to do "the right thing". See the animation. ( Hits: 1215, more)
  • Wrong Brothers Aviation - Seat of your pants training in a Challenger II ultralight trainer - a 75 minutes DVD ( Hits: 1255, more)
  • Aero Sports Connection - ASC is a non-profit organization with the goal of shaping and influencing the future of the ultralight movement. ( Hits: 1559, more)
  • Aerolite103 - Aerolite 103 ultralight aircraft. ( Hits: 1197, more)
  • Afford a Plane - Affordaplane is a plans built aircraft using simple and inexpensive aluminum components. ( Hits: 959, more)
  • Air Creation USA - Air Creation manufactures and sells trikes. ( Hits: 934, more)
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